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Hi, I recently started writing email in Japanese for my job hunting and for email conversation. Sometimes, I have a friend pleased to correct my email, but sometimes not. In that case, I just face the emptiness of internet about this subject of email pattern. I’m looking for useful sentences, applicable for different situations, not only the bases like some websites are displaying. Actually my dream is a email pattern dictionary! Maybe there are some kind of website entirely in Japanese but I need to understand the meaning and the situation when I can use these sentences.

If anyone encountered a helpful and furnished website about this let me know. Or if you want to share sentences that you often use in your professional email feel free!



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as guy who doesn’t know japanese or any japanese sources just as the topic you suggested, well, i have a suggestion for you.

there’s site called lang correct which, obviously, corrects your language.

idea is simple yet effective (i think?) you put a piece of text and wait till someone corrects it (generally in a few hours, depending on the time zone).

let’s say you written an email, below that there is a place to put the exact text, just in your native language (or english maybe since it may be more convenient). people comes and drops by (they are really helpful) corrects the mistakes and gives you insight about it. if you explain what you tried to write, that’s even better.

you may (anyone actually) benefit from there.

but, what do i know anyways :man_shrugging:

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Hello Mert,

Thank you very much for the link. The website seems nice and I like the interface!
I can’t wait to try it !
Actually, I used Hellotalk, which is about the same concept. But for me, first, it is an app, so even if I could, I don’t find it suitable to have corrections about email for example also because it’s mainly a casual atmosphere, so I stopped my membership quite recently.

It’s always good to renew our way of learning anyway depending of our needs!


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