Feedback - Bug Reports


Just emailed you, thanks!


@Pushindawood I can’t highlight the English translations during reviews to copy and paste them. This bug makes it somewhat harder to report sentence errors on the forums. :wink:


Thank you for your feedback. We will look into what may be causing the inability to highlight. Right now you can double click the English sentence in reviews to highlight it as a work-around until we have this bug straightened out. Cheers! Edit: Tested on the latest version of Chrome.


@Pushindawood Here’s an interesting bug.

  1. Go to the grammar page.
  2. Select a grammar point.
  3. Click the browser back button.

At this point, the grammar point you had selected shows in the English meaning instead of the Japanese, and you cannot click that grammar point again. Refreshing fixes the issue.


The first line of personal notes is not shown during reviews when you click on “show grammar info”. Just the “edit note” text is seen next to the pencil icon. But during reviews it would be really helpful to see the first line of the personal notes instead of the “edit note” text. Especially on phones.


The highlight for pretty/beautiful are incorrect in the な-Adejectives grammar point.


Got some text overflow for hints during reviews on mobile.


Yesterday I was doing reviews on Samsung Internet, ye I know it sucks, and reviews that I already answered correctly kept coming at me. The review counter even went negative. I “resolved” it by using the “finalize”-feature


My free trial should have expired today but I still have full access to my account. I’m assuming it’s the same case for others. I’ll help myself to some reviews before you patch it hehe.


Sorry for the confusion. We have a day or so grace period for people to subscribe before being completely cut off. I did add some more clarity to the text for when the trial has ended but you are still in the grace period.

@Stagrid Thank you for pointing this out to us. I will look into it.

@seanblue I will get that fixed so you can read the full sentence.


I bought the monthly recurring subscription today and immediately got a bug that seems to have added a month to the time until my reviews are next due:

Clearing my cookies didn’t resolve it. Hope this can be fixed soon.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The bug was fixed but I believe it impacted a handful of users. I have set your reviews back to where they should be. Sorry about that!


Hey, I’ve just signed up for the monthly subscription and ever since I can’t actually access my user page or reviews, I keep getting hit with this.

I’ve tried different browsers and have managed to log-in and out but the same thing keeps happening. Any idea what it could be?


That is odd! Can you access the Study page? How about your subscription page, your settings and individual grammar points themselves?


The problem seems to have sorted itself strangely enough, but at the time I was still able to access the study page and grammar points but anything that had my username in the url didn’t want to work.

Either way it’s fixed itself now, might just have been a delay from the account accessing the subscription features?


I am glad to hear that!


Finalize button is styled wrong, at least on mobile.


Sorry about that! We added a counter to show percentage correct during reviews and that threw it off. It shouldn’t overlap anymore.


Some overlapping text on phones:


And is there a reason why personal notes are not shown during reviews? When opening the “show grammar info” tab I just see “edit note” instead of the first line of my notes. In study, lessons and grammar mode the first line of the notes is correctly shown.