Feedback: Creating Anki Cards Focused on writing sentences using grammar learned from Bunpro/Genki

I need feedback on something. I’ll be making Anki cards for grammar particles soon and these are the card types I have in mind so far:

  1. Translate an English sentence to Japanese using a grammar particle you learned. The particle is bolded in the English sentence.
  2. Respond to a sentence in Japanese. (The sentence you are responding to is in Japanese).
  3. Respond to a sentence in Japanese, but use a grammar particle’s [casual] or [polite] form, as indicated by the Anki card.
    (ex. [〇〇SENTENCE], [formal])

The main goal of these cards is to write sentences, and also make card variants of the top three above, but for grammar exceptions (a hypothetical example of this being using particles with certain vocabulary that may be a different adjective type). I recently reset my entire N5 progress on Bunpro to make use of the Genki I and Genki II Textbook setting; while this is a powerful tool on Bunpro, Bunpro’s fault to me lies in where the user only writes the correct grammar particle for every card in the review pile, which is why I am focusing on making these Anki cards.

Note: I’m aware Genki I and Genki II 2nd Edition (which Bunpro’s Textbook setting is tailored for) contains issues in the textbook material that is addressed in the 3rd Edition. I am not in a position to buy the 3rd Edition right now due to financial reasons, although I’m aware that the sections in it are the same.

Is there anymore tips or advice you can give me which can improve upon the study workflow that I am developing? Again, my main goal is to write sentences, and I do eventually want to participate in this thread or start writing short posts and getting feedback on my Japanese.

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If you haven’t, I suggest reading and watching Bunpro’s recommended online resources found along in the grammar’s info as well. I assume you do not have to read all of it as I mostly just read the Tofugu and Tae Kim first and the rest are supplementary.
You don’t have to strictly use those resources only as I find myself searching up the grammar points I’m learning helping a lot.

Side note for the thread, it’s better to start writing out your sentences rather than waiting. It is only practice after all. I only started because I had thought it was correlated with Bunpro’s self-study sentence badges w. But I got in the habit of engaging with other learners and native speakers when I started because of it. Hope this helps in some way for you ^^

Edit: I also want to include that I had this urge of wanting to speak to others in Japanese before actually conversing because I had started to grasp some basic grammar and vocabulary from lurking in Japanese forums and social media. So, you don’t need to push yourself to stress over the small things and can start anytime (Unless you are in Japan currently).
Do take these advice with a pinch of salt though as I started just months ago.(汗)

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