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@conan Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We really appreciate it. Cc @Andulien By the way, your Bunpro level will now be displayed on the forums. You just need to log out of the forums and back in again. Cheers!


Wow that is really neat that you got this implemented so fast :smiley: Thank you for your hard work and being always so quick to respond to everyone!!!

#176 about たり〜たりする

Report: Two example sentences don’t have audio. I’m not sure if I should hit Report Error on this page, because of the unavailability of audio, instead of grammar error in the sentence, besides the latter sentence doesn’t provide me “Report Error” link anyway, so I just post it here.

I tried it on both Safari browser and Opera browser on Mac.


Weird, I looked at them and for me the “Report Error” button showed. I reported that through the report error button for you :wink:


For 万が一,

One of the readings is about 万一 which is slightly different. But there’s no indication about the difference. I recommend adding as a resource.

But also, in general, I don’t really like when the resources mix grammar points. Usually it because the forms are related to each other and are just slightly different but it makes it more confusing when I take the lesson test and end up putting the wrong one in because I didn’t realize it was different grammar point all together.

And by that I mean instances where the resource lists both 万が一 and 万一 without distinction. Not when the resource is explicitly about the differences between two grammars like つまり and 要するに. Those are fine and I really appreciate them.

It’s enough of a problem that I’ve noticed it but right now I can’t give any more examples. Though if I encounter more I’ll mention them.


I think I know what happened. “Report Error” button didn’t show for me because I accessed it from Study.

This happened again to me. Different Grammar Point.

No “Report Error” button. But if I access this grammar point from Grammar link on the top menu, I found the “Report Error” button and I had already reported it to them.

I found this from this forum search, before I posted this post.

December 4, 2018

N4 Audio - All N4 example sentences and review questions have now been updated to include audio.

Dec 14th, 2018

I think I’ll just add it here, so that I won’t double post.

I was from てあげる lesson page, when I clicked Japanese Ammo, it showed This video is unavailable. Is it only happening to me? Did Misa Sensei set her video private or deleted her video?


I approve of this


Also thanks for putting the theme name as a class on the body


@nanda Thank you for all of your feedback! We are not sure what happened to Misa Sensei’s video on てあげる. For the time being, we have replaced that link with one from Wasabi. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


Tagging on to that, a lot of “The Japanese Page” links are broken. They may have done a update on their site or something.


@Pushindawood What is the priority for adding additional N2 sentences compared to other features on the site? When I encounter grammar points while reading I try to add them on Bunpro, but I’m a bit reluctant to do that for the N2 grammar points since they only have a few sentences.


@lopicake Thank you for letting us know! We will look into it and get those links fixed. Cheers!

@seanblue Now that we have improved the search, updated the UX, added leveling and XP, and implemented Paths, we will be able to place more focus on fleshing out the content (adding additional sentences to N2, adding textbooks to Paths, and finally making some N1 material available on the site). Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


Maybe this is a setting I haven’t found, but I wondered if it was possible to show “Unread (X)” and “New (X)” in the menu along with “Categories”, “Latest” and “Top”? I find it a bit cumbersome to click the menu/three-lines to find those two headings. They are the ones I check every time I come to the community. Thanks! :smiley:


@MissDagger We have added those items to the homepage navigation. Hope this helps! Cheers!


She mentioned that she’s redoing some of her old videos, so she’s taking the older ones down. No ETA on them, but she said soon.


@mrnoone Can you add とすると to the とすれば・としたら grammar point, assuming that makes sense?


とすると and となると are on the to-do list :+1:




とすると answer has been added also added as alternative answer to questions :+1:

I am not sure when となると grammar point will be added though.


I just realised on the stats page if you hover over, it tells you the number of items. This is a cool feature, although it’s now made the colour scale used become really redundant. It’s using the same colour for days when I’ve done 23 reviews to days when I’ve done 145 reviews! Such a difference in one colour, but all the other colours are rarely used. Maybe it could auto-scale to your maximum?



Not so much feedback, but more of a question that I have not been able to figure out or find an answer to.

I am not taking the JLPT, just learning Japanese, and so the breakdown by N level is not necessary to me.

Is there a setting by which I can just keep going on with the next grammar points without losing the opportunity to continue to review the ones that I have been working on? In other words, is there a way that I move on to new N4 grammar while still reviewing N5 stuff?

Thank you.