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Maybe this is a setting I haven’t found, but I wondered if it was possible to show “Unread (X)” and “New (X)” in the menu along with “Categories”, “Latest” and “Top”? I find it a bit cumbersome to click the menu/three-lines to find those two headings. They are the ones I check every time I come to the community. Thanks! :smiley:


@MissDagger We have added those items to the homepage navigation. Hope this helps! Cheers!


She mentioned that she’s redoing some of her old videos, so she’s taking the older ones down. No ETA on them, but she said soon.


@mrnoone Can you add とすると to the とすれば・としたら grammar point, assuming that makes sense?


とすると and となると are on the to-do list :+1:




とすると answer has been added also added as alternative answer to questions :+1:

I am not sure when となると grammar point will be added though.


I just realised on the stats page if you hover over, it tells you the number of items. This is a cool feature, although it’s now made the colour scale used become really redundant. It’s using the same colour for days when I’ve done 23 reviews to days when I’ve done 145 reviews! Such a difference in one colour, but all the other colours are rarely used. Maybe it could auto-scale to your maximum?



Not so much feedback, but more of a question that I have not been able to figure out or find an answer to.

I am not taking the JLPT, just learning Japanese, and so the breakdown by N level is not necessary to me.

Is there a setting by which I can just keep going on with the next grammar points without losing the opportunity to continue to review the ones that I have been working on? In other words, is there a way that I move on to new N4 grammar while still reviewing N5 stuff?

Thank you.


This should already be permitted? The site is structured so you can do whatever grammar points you want. You don’t have to go in order.


Then I must be doing something wrong, because I get the message:


You have completed all of the grammar for your currently selected JLPT level.

If you would like to continue with new grammar, please change your JLPT STUDY LEVEL setting under Account -> Settings. "

I do want to continue with new grammar, but I don’t want to lose my opportunity to review old grammar…


I’ve never seen that before, so I’m not sure what’s going on exactly. Are you using the Study page? Or manually picking them from the Lessons page?

As far as I know, Bunpro will not remove any reviews unless you manually remove them yourself.


I am using (or trying to use) the study page. When I click the Study tab at the top of the home page, that is when I get the message.

I am happy to shift my Study Level, but am afraid it means I wont see the old grammar…


There is a setting called “JLPT STUDY LEVEL” that you can change from JLPT 5 to JLPT 4 to start studying N4 material while continuing to review your N5 reviews. Your existing reviews will keep showing up in your queue. I will add some clarification to that page.



Thank you very much!


Just posted!


One general thing: you seem to spend a lot of time and energy for less important things like styling, gamifications and so on. These features are nice, but this is a grammar learning site and many grammar points and sentences urgently need to be polished.

Reviews for me are still quite annoying because the sentences are buggy, the hints are not suitable to know what you are looking for and there need to be more explanations to distinguish between all the similar grammar points.

Even the similar grammar section is completely missing during reviews.

You should focus more on the contents instead of the less important styling of the site.


I second this. Also: please make that feature available on phone. It doesn’t show anything on mobile when I tap the calendar fields


@conan Thank you! We have replaced the old links with this one. Cheers!

@Anthropos888 Thank you for your feedback. You are absolutely right and that is why we vowed to put all of our attention and effort into polishing the site after pushing the XP and Paths update. We plan to shelve all planned additional features until we have done a thorough pass through of all current material (correcting mistakes, clarifying hints, and fixing bugs), added additional sentences to N2 and implemented the rest of the audio. Thank you for your patience and for providing so much feedback. Cheers!


Cool website :slight_smile: There are tons of places where you can practice vocab + kanji, but I’ve been searching for a good way to practice grammar for a while. Glad to be here now.

I found an error in the ~ずに済む grammar point. An example sentence is :
This is correct. However, in the review quiz thing, the expected (“correct”) answer is:
This doesn’t make a lot of sense…