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We love hearing your feedback, even if it sometimes stings, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!


Thanks for making this forum! :smiley: If it hasn’t already been mentioned, having a link on the main site somewhere would be awesome, so I don’t have to keep manually typing in the address to get here xD


I found a duplicate grammar point:


We plan on putting a link on the site somewhere (still figuring out a good spot!).

There are currently three duplicate grammar points we are aware of (that being one of them) that we will be removing in the near future.


Some of the writing on this site is hard to read. It is mid grey on a black background, could do with a bit more contrast. On the beta app on Android, the furigana is a bit small.


Reworking the css on the site to allow users to set a font size in their settings is on our list to do. We can look into the color issue and get that fixed. If you remember what pages specifically were troublesome, please let me know.


Hey sorry if this is the wrong place for beta app issues. Just this morning on iPhone (11.2.6) I started getting a “sorry something went wrong” message when I go to do reviews. Just a heads up! Love the app overall though, it’s been a great motivator to not slack on reviews.

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Okay, so I’ve only been using Bunpro for two days now (this is the third) but I’ve gone through all N5, N4, N3, and most of the N2 material already, so hopefully my assessment it’s completely wrong.
I feel like you’re not being clear enough when a grammar point uses a specific verb form or particle in the beginning. Yeah, it’s not hard to see that a grammar point starting with て should be in て-form, and it’s not hard to figure out that もかまわず actually starts with the particle も, but if it were there were already a breakdown available it would be much easier for the user to quickly understand why the grammar works that way. I don’t think teaching it as a single unit it the best way to do it.

Also when you go to an item from the Grammar page and try to use the right key to move to the examples tab you go right to self study.

edit: I don’t think the furigana here is correct image

It’s on this item, if it matters


Regarding this grammar point, I noticed that while yall did mention the different ways -sugiru is used, the examples are actually pretty limited in scope. You don’t really have negation in any of the examples.

I vaguely remember this being a problem in other grammar points (presented with multiple uses of grammar in the intro but example sentences not really showing those uses) but unfortunately I can’t remember off the top of my head. I’ll provide feedback as I come across them. I really like this site and want to continue to help it improve.

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First of all thank you for the free service. I totally love the website but have a tiny request.

I am living in a 3rd world country and USD is pretty high. I wish the site could help us out with the prices like other services (such as steam, epic games etc.). I totally understand why the site needs a subscribtion and I would do the same because there is effort and time put into it. I can’t blame anyone for adding a feature like this.

I want to point out that not everyone can pay $3 a month like me. As I said before, I totally understand why the subscribtion is paid but I want to point out that I am a student and with $3 you can have a meal, fill your transportation card, buy new stationery and so much more! I wish there was a discount for students because $3 (14TRY here) is too much. If I couldn’t explain it simply, you can buy 40 500ml water bottles. Probably I will forget about this resource when the monthly subscribtion becomes $5.

Sincerely yours,

A user who has been here from the very start


The grey that’s on the left on the home page

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Thank you for the feedback! We agree that the meanings part of the grammar point is sub-optimal. We have a few ideas on how to improve it and we will make sure that we clear up any confusion with the grammar breakdown while working to implement those ideas.

What browser were you using when you experienced the issue with the arrow key? Also I fixed that furigana, thank you for pointing it out.

Thank you for pointing that out! There are indeed some grammar points on the site that need a wider variety of sentences to show their various uses. We are planning on potentially adding more sentences (possibly around eight more per grammar point) and we will go through and make sure that we cover all of the various uses for each grammar point.

It should be all fixed! Sorry about that.

Thank you for the feedback! This is something we have given some thought to before but we have so far been unable to come up with an ideal solution to address it. We will continue to brainstorm and discuss possible solutions and keep you updated.

Do you mean on this page?


@Pushindawood Do you want to create subsections in the forum for specifically bugs, suggestion, UX comments, etc.? Or do you prefer all feedback just stay in this thread?

As for specific current feedback:
I’m on my profile and a less-than-full-width screen. This results in some text overflowing a button.



I love bunpro so far, it’s such a useful addition to my study and I can’t wait until the site is completely finished.

My favourite feature so far is that when you enter a grammar point that’s similar to what the question is asking for but still wrong, it isn’t marked wrong, rather, you’ll get something like “not looking for X”. This is just a fantastic way at nudging the learner in the right direction rather than punishing them with a flat “incorrect”.

Even though it’s my favourite, I’d love to see it improved even further. Sometimes you wont just get a “not looking for X”, you’re get an actual explanation. Grammar point 103 has a great example of this where if you enter くれる instead of くれます for the 私を愛してくれますか it’ll come up with something like “Using か with dictionary form is rude, you wouldn’t want to be rude to your lover would you?”.

This is great and adds a lot of character to the site but not only that, it’s probably the most effective way of teaching through reviews since sometimes, the reason why you got something wrong isn’t always clear. I’d like to see it added to other grammar points as well. It doesn’t have to be all of them but points with similar prompts like ように・みたい would become 900% less frustrating if when you entered in the wrong one it came up with “not looking for X, Y is used because Z”

To me this seems like an addition that should have a low priority. Finishing the site comes first but when recommending bunpro to others, this would be near if not at the top of my “list of why bunpro is great”


I noticed that this may happen because of the privacy updated that needed to happen for the European privacy protection law. After you login on the side you should get a notification about that, read it and hopefully except it and it should work again.

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No, I’m talking about the forum.

If it hasn’t already been mentioned, it would be nice to have something like a search bar for the grammar points. Just so you can have quicker access to the ones you’re looking for.


I plan to use Bunpro in a similar way to Wanikani (doing new lessons only when the last lesson is learnt, which means the vast majority of the items are ‘gurued’). I wouldn’t ask you to implement a similar feature, as it might be a lot of work and I don’t know how many would be interested, however could you add something in the statistics that tells us what’s the SRS level of items for each lesson? I would just check that page and do a new lesson when all the item except one or two are at least SRS 4 or something like that.


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