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Thank you for pointing out that missing う. I found it and put it back.

What device/screen size are you using when you have the issue with the streak?

@LucasDesu That is intentional. Our reasoning when we first added user study questions was that if you went through the trouble of creating your own sentences, you would want to see them more to help reinforce that grammar point.

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Using an iPad (9,7“)

Web site response time is very poor right now (5/28 4pm EST). I attempt to do studies and it hangs for about a minute loading, then it stops loading. None of the interface elements work. I tried to reload and it does the same thing. I’m using an iPad. Other web sites are working so I ruled out internet connection.

Thank you for letting us know. I will take a look at the server metrics and see what might be causing that.

Thanks. Seems to only be happening on mobile Safari. It’s not happening on Mac Firefox.

Just reiterating pm1’s pov, here where I live the dollar is EXTREMELY high right now, making it almost impossible to buy anything in dollars. If there was some kind of regional pricing that fixed the currency exchange like on Steam (1 USD -> 2 BRL instead of 3.73 as it is right now), it would be highly appreciated.


And they can make up for it by making $1 equal €1 shinoCry


Why would European people have to pay more for the same service? It’s a despicable practice of some American companies highly controversial and contested.

That’s how Steam does it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One question regarding the forum software and the Bunpro web app: I’m using chrome on Android 8.1 and when I choose “add to home screen” from the chrome menu, a “real” app for the forum will be installed on the home screen (and in the system) which you can also uninstall.

But for the Bunpro web app that doesn’t work. Chrome just saves a link to the home screen that does open Bunpro in Chrome.

Actually I don’t know if there are any differences between those two ways, but I think installing an app on the home screen and storing files locally is more performant than just a link.

So is there a way that chrome installs an “app” for Bunpro in the same way as it does for the forum?

White text on dark hurts my eyes. Is there an option to change the color scheme of this forum?

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You can change it at Preferences > Interface > Theme

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One issue I’ve run across is actually a funny one: the subscription system. I signed up for the free subscription, but now I want to pay. But, because I’m on a free subscription the website won’t allow me to pay for the subscription. And, because I use a digital credit card (I live in Japan, Japan is wonky), that means the numbers on my card won’t work when the free subscription expires.

It’s an awkward situation, but I feel that telling users that you refuse to accept their money, but make paying to make full use of the site a requirement, is a definite issue with the site itself.

I don’t see anything on the site for the negative version of the ば conditional. Is there somewhere I’m missing? If not, I think it should be added somewhere.


For にみえる, shouldn’t we be required to give the ように (or other part) before にみえる in our answers? I feel like giving that to us means we’re only half learning the grammar.

This is just a question and not real feedback but I didn’t want to create another thread.

Is N3 grammar complete in terms of items? Or will Bunpro continue to add grammar points to this section?

Could you please send us an email at [email protected]. I will try to figure out what might be causing the issue preventing you from subscribing but may need to ask you a few more questions to figure it out.

@seanblue Thank you for pointing those out. We will look to add that grammar point and see if we can’t quiz you more strictly on にみえる.

@roranlee N3 is essentially done in terms of grammar points, but there are still a few that we might come across that either need to be moved into/out of N3 or additional grammar that we will add.

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I would really like it if there was an option that the audio is played automatically after I submitted the correct answer.

I like this kind of audio feedback, since it feels like a little reward when I’ve read the sentence correctly. Also it trains the ears more for the Japanese grammar points. :slight_smile:


I sent direct feedback but wanted to mention here as well. One of the example sentences for たところ uses the Verb[よう]とする grammar point in the sentence. Since that’s N3 grammar, I don’t think it should be included in an N4 grammar point’s example sentence.

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@Pushindawood Any update on the new N3 example sentences? I added an N3 grammar point that I happened to encounter when reading but I got frustrated at reviewing the same sentences over and over again so I removed it from my review queue.