Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request


Multiple choice in general, but specifically for grammar, sounds useless. So many of the grammar points are so different that the correct answer would almost always be obvious, even if you didn’t know the answer. If you don’t like fill in the blank, maybe Bunpro just isn’t for you. :man_shrugging:


The whole point of BunPro, and wanikani too, was to have a way to make you have to recall something without a primer (and SRS), which multiple choice would inevitably do. Multiple choice would defeat the whole purpose of BunPro. I have to agree with seanblue on this one.


I recommend increasing the CSS line height throughout the site to let the text breathe. Here’s an example:


Once you add all 12 sentences to n3 7+ can you please downgrade my SRS to 4 so that I get all the new sentences?


Can you make a mistake delay? please
its really annoying when I mistype something and press enter and go to the next review and am now downgraded for that grammar point and my %correct rate


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately without a big overhaul on how the database is set up there isn’t an easy solution. Like @s1212z mentioned, there was a method to our madness and that was to make everything build off of everything else and to intentionally use earlier grammar points in later grammar points’ sentences to help reinforce stuff. That being said, we do have some interesting plans for the future and we can see about generating more control over what you see based on what you have studied on the site.

@FranCott @nitzi @seanblue Full search overhaul is near the top of the to-do list.

@pirouette @Anthropos888 I intend to fix the font size site wide and give you the ability to scroll to a percentage that is best for you. It is right there at the top with the search overhaul.

@yuugi99 Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to add multiple choice as an option anytime soon. When we get around to creating special quizzes for related grammar points, multiple choice is something we had considered, but that would be separate from the normal review quizzes.

@justinzaun Most excellent suggestion. We will make it happen.

@nitzi I will let you know when the rest of N3 is in. For the mistake delay, it is something we can look into. I am not sure what the best delay would be. I am guessing some people wouldn’t want it so it would need to be a setting. Maybe @Kumi would be willing to whip up a script for you to test to give us a better idea of what to implement? :bowing_man:


Thank you so much! Can’t wait and I appreciate all the work that’s already been put in the site. :+1:


For people studying from a single source, i.e. Genki, an option to order the lessons for them following the order of the books could be nice.


The way the original mistake delay script (for WK) works is by changing the answer checker evaluation function and the submit handler function; does BP have anything like that?

I assume not, but this should still work.


There are no furigana in the “Meaning” section of a grammar point. Since you usually write the grammar point in kanji, users have to go to the examples section first in order to toggle furigana and to be able to read the grammar.

Please implement furigana for each grammar point in the meaning section as well.


@Anthropos888 Try hovering ur mouse over the giant text over the meaning/reading sections.


What about a section/area where it is just reviews for conjugating adjectives and verbs in sentences. Rather than just the regular SRS as a result of the main study an like “extra curricular” challenge of conjugation practice - where it is just a bunch of example sentences with verbs/adjectives you have to conjugate. I would personally really benefit from resource like this. When I read I am pretty good at picking up the conjugation but when I have to form it myself, I am super slow or bad at it, somewhere to practice would be awesome.


This may be of interest to you.


Thanks, indeed, it works for the grammar name. But none of the other grammar parts in the explanation have furigana, for example:

Bunpro should add furigana for all yellow grammar parts in the meaning section


Got a suggestion for you. Attach a discussion page to each review sentence, where you can ask a question of make a comment, and others can respond. I’ve seen it on other sites and I think it would be useful. Often, the question you want to ask might not be about the grammar point itself, but some other bit of the sentence. Also you could have a way of informing the original poster of replies.

What do people think of this idea?


@jecsashbolt Thank you for your comment and suggestion! We would love to implement reviews into Bunpro that would test your knowledge of all of the fundamentals, conjugations included. We hope to have something for you before too long. Stay tuned. Cheers!

@Anthropos888 We are working on getting furigana, as well as additional styling working under the meaning section. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!

@FranCott Thank you for your suggestion! Right now we are going through and adding discussion sections on the community for each grammar point that is linked directly to Bunpro. Having a discussion section for each individual sentence may be something that we can think about implementing in the future. Cheers!


This may be too much to ask for, but can you add more than 12 sentences per grammar item? That way even if I get something wrong once or twice I won’t just memorize the sentence (purely by seeing it multiple times, not on purpose). If making sentences is too hard/time consuming, I’m sure Maggie sensei would do it for cheap, plus she’s a sentence making machine. Just look at the amount of sentences she cranks out for even the most mundane grammar points.


@nitzi Thank you for your feedback. More than 12 sentences per grammar point would be ideal and we hope that we get there someday. Making sure that the sentences continuously build off of previously learned grammar, while utilizing appropriate vocabulary for the level in which you are studying and catching all possible answers that you might try to input, makes writing them a lengthy process. We actually reached out to Maggie Sensei (among others) towards the beginning in an attempt to form a collaborative effort. She said that she had been overwhelmed by the amount of requests for new material and had amassed a large backlog of things that she had to work through first. If the opportunity arises in the future, we would like to start working with more of the content creators that we directly link with on the site.

Like I said, having more than 12 sentences and study questions per grammar point is something that we aim to have in the future, but it is something that may have to wait until we have bolstered current content and uploaded new N2 and N1 material. In the meantime, we do have a few things in store that we believe will help offset the amount of times you see a sentence while still providing you with new material to study. Cheers!

  • please add the oops button to the study quiz as well. I’m on mobile and have typos all the time. So it’s annyoing when I need to skip one review in the session just because of a typo.

  • Grammar search: please show the last search results when users open a grammar point and navigate back to the search. I always need to type in the same search again and again after returning from a grammar point to the grammar search by using the browser’s back button


I think I’ve suggested this before, I can’t recall, but in case not:

I would love it if you could collapse specific Nx sections and not just “Hide Studied Grammar”. As an example, I may want to view all of N3 regardless if I’ve studied it, and not have to scroll past N5 and N4. Being able to click “Nx” and having it toggle all of Nx would be awesome.