Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request


You can now change the font size in your “Settings” under “Font Sizing”. Please let us know if this is a step in the right direction. Also, please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can improve it.

@madmalkav Ordering by textbook is something we hope to make available in the future!

@Anthropos888 I will make sure that search results are preserved when navigating back to the page when I rework the search.

@conan You can now click and collapse each Nx section.


Grammar search: Please also find grammar when user inputs romaji: “tokoro” -> finds “ところ” grammar.


Study/Lessons: enable swipe left/right to go through Meaning/Examples/Readings (on mobile)


Hi ! I’ve been using bunpro for a couple weeks now, and I think it will be nice to have a tree-like structure between lessons, like, lessons could have a link to the lesson that they build upon or to the lessons that build upon them.
Because questions have a direct link to the grammar point they’re linked to, which is cool, but sometimes it is not sufficient to check out why you made a mistake.
The example that makes me write this suggestion is the “te mo ii” form. When I make a mistake at these questions, it’s because I make a mistake at my te-form, not because I don’t know to use “te mo ii” for the sentence. So having a link to the “te mo ii” lesson on the question is not helpful here. What would be useful would be to have a link to the te-form inside the “te mo ii” lesson to help me see what I did wrong


Can you add an option to make the entire website japanese?
I don’t mean the english sentences or the meaning/reading sections, I just mean the buttons and settings.


Seems unnecessary to me. There’s plenty of other websites you can use in Japanese if you want practice.


Grammar search: Please also find grammar when user inputs romaji: “tokoro” -> finds “ところ” grammar.

Study/Lessons: enable swipe left/right to go through Meaning/Examples/Readings (on mobile)

Added them to the list to do!

@LilianC Having a sentence breakdown with links/info to each of the grammar points that make it up is something we hope to build in the future!

@nitzi We actually have some legacy code laying around from the first version of the site that we could turn on to allow you to choose if you want the site in Japanese or in English. It would need some work to update it/add it to content we have added since.


@BunproAdmin I think it would be good to add some vertical whitespace between the English and orange text. For example:



Please increase the line hight for the reading links, it’s hard to press them on mobile


During reviews, I would like to see a hotkey for the English translation of sentences. There is already a hotkey for every other option (play audio, undo, next). I propose we use “E” :slight_smile:


Did you try space?


No I did not haha. Thank you :slight_smile:


Whn doing reviews, I think the button to go to the forum discussion about that grammar topic should default to open in a new tab.


I think it would be really useful if there was a way of highlighting which part of the answer was correct, perhaps showing additional or missing characters in a different colour. It might be difficult to implement but I often keep making the same mistakes because I misread where I made a mistake.


Hey, everyone! :slight_smile:

Just a quick suggestion. So I ticked all the readings of the item たびに, but I don’t desire to have it go into the SRS. I’d think it would be a good idea to consider items as “done”, but without having to deal with them SRS-wise.


Appreciate it :v:


Pretty sure you can already do this. Add it to your reviews and then select “I know this”. You don’t even have to select the checkboxes by the way.

Anyway, welcome to this side of the Japanese community. How’s it feel to be the new guy asking questions about the platform again? :stuck_out_tongue:



Where’s the FAQ and Guide? :joy:


@seanblue Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. We will see what we can do! Cheers!

@Anthropos888 Thank you for your feedback. We will be pushing a fix for the spacing and disproportional text sizes in Study mode soon. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!

@Kumi Thank you for your response to @esbe! @esbe If you have any further questions, suggestions or feedback, we would love to hear them. Cheers!

@madmalkav Thank you for your suggestion! Links to the grammar points’ forum discussions will open in a new tab once we push our next update. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!

@Ambo100 That is a fantastic suggestion! This is also something that we have talked a lot about and would love to incorporate into Bunpro. As you suspected, it is something that will take some time to implement, but we hope to have this feature available to you in the future. Cheers!

@jprspereira Hey! Welcome to the Bunpro forums. It is nice to see you here!


Since Bunpro is already a great JLPT prep tool, I thought wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a multiple choice review option?

From what I understand the JLPT grammar portion is formatted in this way, and having this available would allow users to test themselves on the nuances between more difficult grammar points. Right now I’m using drill books for this purpose, but it would be neat if Bunpro included something like this as well.

Though making it would be a lot of work, and would be a major update to the Bunpro system I expect. Maybe even just the option to make our own multiple choice quizzes on the site would be useful. Thanks for reading! :nerd_face:


They could have a separate practice test section with this feature? Might save them some coding work.