Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request

Awsome, one thing to add now that will be shareable. A dedicated “break-out” topic would be much appreciated. Allowing some discussion on a central place, and allows for feedback.

On a different topic: Custom sentences. Could these be shared too ? I would love to see the sentences from each book added to quiz myself. Reinforcing the grammar you see in the book.

Looking forward to seeing a Satori Reader deck!

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Henlo :3

Just saw this thread and thought I might link this here :slight_smile:


Is there any timespan for when vocabulary cram will be added?

I would love to have a session about このまま.


Is there any chance to get a bulk “Mark as Mastered” feature for vocab? Considering switching to Bunpro, but marking all the words I already know manually looks a bit daunting (apologies if the feature is already there and I missed it).


It’s not there yet, but the team is looking into it :sparkles:


Yeah a Vocab revamp is coming up very soon!

Out of curiosity, what is the situation you’re facing when it comes to mass-marking Vocab?
Are you wanting to fully mark Vocab from a specific level? Are you coming from Wanikani and want to mark those as Mastered?

If you can please let me know I might be able to give you the best option currently, and it will also help us to know what type of thing users are wanting when we eventually redo the Grammar/Vocab index/search pages


I have a feature request, but for the forum:

Would it be possible to create a Japanese ONLY sub-forum? It’s something I feel is sorely missing in a Japanese learning community like this one. It could be used for people to help each other with their sentences/compositions, a grammar question (but with explanations in Japanese), or anything really. The main rule (besides the ones already stablished) is that anyone participating has to write in Japanese (no Romaji).

I think that would be cool to have.


Thanks for coming back. In my case the words I learned on Wanikani are already marked as Mastered, so that’s great - not the issue. But it’s rather all the other words I learned elsewhere (e.g. in context, other sources)

e.g. in N5 I’m currently at 670/1100
N4 491/1100
N3 757/2000

However, skimming through the lists, I already know most of the remaining words in these levels (but not all, especially in N3/N2). So I’d like to just go once through the whole list for each level, tick a checkbox in front of each word I know and do a bulk “Mark as Mastered” before I start reviewing the decks, if that makes sens.


Something seriously minor, but it bugged me: For reference, I usually read the Japanese hint first. Only then do I reveal the English meaning and English hint.

For the そばから grammar point (N1 Lesson 5: 17/17), I’ve noticed that the hint in Japanese is as follows: […] (A)から(B)。(B)はネガティブなことが()い。

You’ll note that the “hint” actually straight up tells you the answer: (A)から(B)。As long as you know that kanji and can read it, you have the answer pre-served. It would probably be better to change this to something a bit different.

Being able to personalise the Dashboard in some way would be nice. Seeing as all the data is already split in different blocks/“widgets” both on the Dashboard and in the stats page, I think it would be neat to be able to choose what to display. For example we could display the heatmaps, the troubled grammar/vocab and recent mistakes or such (the latter being in particular an idea I get thanks to Wanikani’s own front page displaying those info)

Think Steam’s profile personalisation (best example I have in mind lol), where you can choose different blocks (Favourite game, achievement showcase, screenshot showcase, etc) and order them however you want to display them.

It might make the Dashboard a bit of a scroll depending on how much data one decides to display on there, but it’d avoid having to navigate to a completely different page and have all the data one wants available right on the dashboard.

This is less of a request and more of a nitpick, but when mass importing Guru Vocab from Wanikani, if vocab does not have the Reading/Reveal & Grade combination available (my default review type) it defaults to Translate/Manual instead of Translate/Reveal & Grade, which means I have to change these manually when they come up in the first review after import.


On grammar pages, example sentences (the one used in reviews) sometimes have a small lightbulb with interesting tidbits. Example: 後-のnoun, first two example sentences. These small informations are only available on grammar pages. I would like to see them during review too, for example when I increase hint level. At the moment I feel many users miss on these small, useful notes.


may be I overlooked it, but in case I didn’t: would be great that when browsing Nx-grammar, there was some kind of option to start cramming the item right away. Thanks for considering it!


I’d like to see a feature added to the vocab deck that allow me to study both the translation and the Kanji at the same time. Both sentence fill-in questions and a separate question that shows me the Kanji and asks me for the reading.

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Can you make a bunpro widget for android so I can see my reviews, and launch straight into doing my reviews from the home screen?
Spotify, paypal etc have some widgets for ideas.


I would like to rekindle this request by José. I concur with him in all that he says. 文プロのコミュニティのためにいいことのはずだよ。

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@Pablunpro サポートしてくれてありがとう!! :pray:

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I third Jose then :slight_smile: The WaniKani community has this, and it would be awesome if the Bunpro forums have this, too!


Adding a kind of “fuzzing” or random jitter to smooth reviews. As you can see, I have about 20-30 reviews each day, but then on Thursday, I’ll have suddenly more than 70. This is because one day some weeks ago I decided to finish N4 at all costs and it still haunts me every few weeks T.T

If you have to review a card in 4 weeks, it shouldn’t matter if you do it in 25 days or in 30. It would be great if some mechanism “smoothed” the reviews per day.


Thanks! Hopefully it’s something they can easily add :blush:.

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