Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request



Thanks. Yeah. I need to update it though. My hair is short now. :slight_smile:


I know you are working on tracks, so that you can study along , however it would also be nice to get either a search option or overview page, showing ONLY the grammar points related to a selected resource e.g. Show me all Grammar Points for Minna no Nihongo 1. That way one could have an easy view on what Items one has already studied related to the resource and which are still outstanding.


I would love to hide all the grammar points that are Level 12, so as to quickly see which ones I am working on right now. I also want to quickly access those I feel like I am advanced enough to press “I know this” on. Otherwise I have to open 1000 tabs to do that, like I’m doing right now :smiley:

Or, maybe even cooler, have a golden bunpro 判子 instead of the red one.

Thanks again for your hard work!


In sentences with several grammar points used on the answer, i.e.:

そのビールは のみやすそう です

We get the information of the main point tested below, but not about the other ones involved. In this case, the grammar info is for そうだ . It will be nice if it had a link to the other grammar point involved -in this case, やすい-.


@Andulien We are in the process of making this a reality. Stay tuned!

@Nihonmir Thank you for suggestion! This is something that we would like to implement in the very near future. Cheers!

@madmalkav This is a great idea. This is something that we can definitely look into getting added to Bunpro. Thank you for your suggestion. Cheers!


Actually, with that “tracks” idea you are working on, I think without something like that people will get lost easily as soon as an exercise that uses a grammar not in their book appears.


Thanks for putting the progress bar in reviews up top now. I also like the idea of collecting XP to level up :slight_smile: Not sure if the bottom is the best place for it but have to see it a couple times first to decide :smiley: Can’t wait to read the update log about what all you have implemented and am curious about the levels as well that you can attain hehe


While we are on the topic of improved tracking of progress and showing stats. Something that is really nice and helpful for me is seeing an expected daily stat, showing you how many items you currently are to expect on a daily basis. This way you can gauge if you should learn more new grammar points or review some more to bring them to a higher level to not overload yourself.

On WK I use this Userscript. Not sure if something similar can be created for 文プロ.


Regarding the stats page, I think it would be good to also show unlearned items in the pie chart as well as percentages.

The way it currently is, all the JLPT levels you’ve learned add up to 100% so you don’t get an idea of how far there is left to go or how much you have progressed, the progress bars in the profile are a good example of showing progress.

Also, I’m a bit confused why it says I have learned five N3 items in the pie chart but the progress bar says I have learned none. I haven’t added any N3 items to my reviews yet.

Regarding (よ)うと思う,. my dictionary says the negative of this form is ~まいと思う, I wonder if this should be included in the structure or as a related grammar item.


Please add a setting “Focus mode” “on/off” so that users can choose to directly start their reviews in focus mode.

Also: the settings are a wild mix of interface, review and general settings. You should use tabs to arrange them in a reasonable order (“General/Interface settings”, “Reviews”, “Account” etc.)


Related grammar: the Lesson number is missing for all related grammar. I would like to see for each related grammar when it will be taught in Bunpro (or when it was taught in case I forgot that :wink: )


Grammar search: as long as you don’t show English and Japanese together in the search results the grammar search can’t be used reasonably (or as for me: not at all). Please provide a link to the old version of the grammar search.


Doesn’t it show the other language if you hover over the grammar point (or tap once on mobile)?


Thanks for the tip, it works indeed. I’m on mobile, so when you tap once on the search result it will open the grammar point details page. But a tap on the rights side of the search result (JLPT Level) shows the translation. I didn’t know that


@Ambo100 Thank you for your suggestion about adding unlearned items in the pie charts, percentages and more detailed progress bars so you know how far you have actually progressed within each N level and not just how many items you have added. We will see what we can do. Thank you also for your suggestion on adding the negative form to ようと思う. Cheers!

@Anthropos888 Thank you for your suggestions! We would like to do a redesign of the settings page so that everything has its own place/tab and is easier to navigate. We hope that we can get that to you soon. Thank you also for your suggestion of adding related grammar to reviews. We will see what we can do. We hope to have an update to the search pushed soon. The updated search will have both English and Japanese on the tiles for improved navigation. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


External links: please note if a link will open YouTube! Clicking on a link without knowing that a video with sound will be playing the next second might cause undesired effects in some environments.


I mentioned this issue months ago too…


Would be nice if there was a way to hide furigana by default but show them on mouse-over or tap on a word (or the whole sentence if by word isn’t possible).
That way you wouldn’t incidentally read them but still could look them up if needed.


You can do that…


Hi guys, typed answers have to be in hiragana only? When I use input text with kanji (the Japanese keyboard) it does not check the answer for me :thinking: