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Yes, that is our goal, the latter was used before [nuance] had been introduced. We are slowly changing it to the former, but at the same time N2 is being written and N3 sentences are being uploaded, not to mention the site and apps, so it might take some time, but worry not! Sooner(rather than later) the sentences will be updated!



Bunpro shouldn’t skip automatically to the next review when my answer is correct!

Sometimes, I’d like to take a moment to read again the sentence or even go into the sentence’s details to give another look at the meaning or other examples. When my answer is wrong, the answer field becomes red and I can either try again in case of typo or proceed. I remember some weeks ago, the answer field would become green and I could either proceed to the next sentence or do what I said above.

Now, I’m sure there are people who prefer the current functionality but I can’t be the only one who prefers the older, could you guys at least create a setting for either skipping automatically or manually? That would be very much appreciated!



Account -> Settings ->
文二ーモード should be off. If it is set “on”, it will move you to next question immediately after answering correctly, like you describe. Just set it “off” and it should solve the issue. :+1:



Thanks for the help, it indeed worked.

What does the name of the setting mean? I know 文 means “sentence” and モード means “mode” but I can’t figure out the concrete meaning, maybe it could be a little more descriptive or in English as the other settings?

Anyways, thanks for the quick reply!


If you hoover a mouse pointer over it, the description will appear.

This is just a made up word. :wink:


You guys might want to consider getting rid of the pun at this point. Many people won’t notice the hint popover, and it’s really confusing without that.

As a side note, you should probably add a hint for “Unsubscribe” to explain that this is unsubscribing from email (I assume), not unsubscribing your account.


Might want to consider adding a grammar for というか (because we can never have enough という grammar points :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) .


@BunproAdmin Any thoughts on this? I think it would be quite useful.


YES, PLEASE!!! This would be such an amazing feature. I want!


Suggestion for ‘report error’ input: can you implement a ‘report in forum’ button next to the submit button, that will redirect to the bug report thread in this forum? If possible, the message field should already contain the grammar point and sentence number.

I realized that bug reports in this forum are getting your attention immediately. But I can’t notice any corrections after reporting bugs through the ‘report error’ input in the web app.


google play payment option would be cool
also requiring to login again to access community is redundant


What about this? It’s still font size 450 (:wink:)


Feature request: Can you add percentage numbers and a total percentage bar to the overview screen as in @Kumi 's script:

This is useful and motivating and not everybody can install userscripts on their devices


Can we get notifications?
I currently use this extension for wanikani so that I always know when new reviews are available. Without it I would probably forget about doing reviews… Currently, in bunpro, I only do reviews about once a day (right after doing lessons), but then I have a huge pile of reviews cuz I didn’t do them for a full day.

So if there’s anyway to add push notifications, or a badge counter like that extension, or get my attention by some other means when I get a new review into my queue, it would be extremely helpful


I think it would be great if we could have checkboxes for textbooks/physical resources in addition to checkboxes for websites. Users would be able to select which textbooks they have from their profile or settings.


Please let users add any grammar points to the “related grammar” section.

By allowing this you wouldn’t need to search and connect all the similar grammar points in all JLPT levels. Just let the users add it themselves.

You are talking since months about a “related grammar” section but as for now I just saw a handful of grammar points where you connected similar grammar. Letting the users choose the related grammar by themselves would not only solve this problem (= having no related grammar section for all grammar points at the moment) but would also give users the possibility to add grammar points they easily get confused with, even if it’s not exactly “related” grammar.


YES, please add some lessons that make us enter multiple grammar points, and a community-approved style of adding new sentences, where the community could vote on new grammar points to be added would be awesome.


About notifications, if it isn’t possible on chrome, then at least the mobile apps should have it. That way if I’m constantly pestered to do ill never be able to forget!


It would be nice if we were able to select specific grammar lessons to study in Cram mode. For example, I often confuse morau, ageru, and kureru. It would be cool if I was able to select those three and be drilled on all of the sentences for all three until I felt like I was able to remember when to use each of them.


Under the “Readings” section I’d like to have a link to the relevant “Japanese Ammo with Misa” video :slight_smile: