General small question/new people thread

Hi all,

Inspired by the New people question thread on wanikani, I thought it might be a good idea to have a general thread for small questions. New (or not so new) people might for example have quick questions other than those in the FAQ, or maybe they can’t find a particular button or function. Basically, the idea is that you can ask any question here which you think is too small to warrant its own thread.
I will try to edit this post with question that occur more often.

If this is deemed unnecessary or unwanted by bunpro staff, do not hesitate to close it.

I will ask the first question as a start. I’ve seen some people mention a dark theme for bunpro. For the regular starting page I’ve found and applied it with success. Could anyone tell me how to apply the dark theme to the community part as well, if possible?


And a second question immediately after:
I changed my username on the general bunpro site to ‘yorbon’, but it seems to not have updated on the forum. Is it possible to do so, and how?



Hey and welcome on community forums!

You can change the theme by clicking on your avatar -> clicking on small gear, which is located next to message icon -> choosing “interface” on the menu on the left side -> opening dropdown menu called “theme” and choosing “Bunpro” -> click on “save changes” button.


click on your avatar -> click on small gear, which is located next to message icon -> choose “account” on the menu on the left side (or do not choose anything, since it is default) -> click on a pen next to your username, under “Username” text.

I hope it helps :+1:


Thanks for both answers! I understand now how I could miss it. My avatar button looks like below.



Haha, that explains a lot :joy:


Followed the steps all the way till the end but I can’t find the pen beside my username though =/

I can see it beside email and etc


Hey :grin:

It should be in this area.

But if it’s not, you can simply PM me with a nickname you want and I will change it for you :+1:

Cheers :+1:


hey all! i have two questions:

  • are all the grammar points in for example tobira path included in bunpro grammar order section?

  • what is the timetable for updates on new grammar points? it can be a rough estimate too if that’s all we have


This may answer both questions:


cool so the answers are yes and once-twice per month on average


This thread is quite old but maybe somebody can still answer me.
I’m new here, my Japanese level is around N4-N3 (I passed N3 some 4 years ago and have recently restarted learning).

Can I set my level to N3 in Bunpro? What I want is for New JLPT Grammar section in the Dashboard to show me new grammar from N3, currently it only shows me N5 Grammar to study.
What I’m doing now is going over a few things from N4 and N3 that I don’t quite remember.


On the General settings page, you can set it to N3.

Just scroll down to the New Grammar section, and change your JLPT Study Level in the dropdown menu.

Also, welcome! :partying_face:


That’s great, thank you so much!


Hey folks! I came across this post while trying to find out how to change my username. I see above there are steps you can take to change it, however, I do not have the pencil button next to my username. Is it still possible to change it?

Thank you!

There’s an edit button over Account Settings , not sure if that’s what you want.

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Hmm, that appears to work for Bunpro itself, but not the forums.

Since they are linked that might be some weirdness going on.

Did you try to logout and login again? If not, you will have to ping someone from the team to get it changed.


Yeah, logging out didn’t change anything either. I suppose it may be a glitch of some sort.


I noticed there’s some updates for badges and stuff that occur daily, in about 4-5 hours from now.
Maybe it will get updated by then, if not yeah, you will have to ping someone for manually changing it.


is there a way to remove this blue bar?