General small question/new people thread

I don’t have it, so I think it will eventually go away once you hit a certain lvl / time.


@moderators Hello! Is it possible to change my username from the back end? It seems possible I’ve been glitched or something, perhaps.

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Did you look on the main site or on the forums? (And which one do you intend?) I don’t have the ability to change my username here on the forums too, so it might be that they either get the username from the main site, where at least I have the edit button, or it might be that they disabled this option… (Or I’m glitched too :sweat_smile: )

heads off to try some things


My username on the main site initially matched this one, however, I changed it a while back and the forums never switched with it.


Yeah, it might be that the forum one can’t be updated. I just tried changing my name on the main site, and either it only checks periodically instead of when logging in again, or it doesn’t change the name on the forums.

Maybe best to contact @mrnoone or @jake they might indeed be able to help (as I’don’t think the @moderators tag works here)


Now you are an irregular!


Not sure what that means, but it sounds awesome!


Thanks for helping me look into it! :smiley:


what is the recommendation for how many itens in SRS levels and ghosts?

For example, at the moment am I at

Last Session 86.9%


any tips how to handle this? So far I am not paying attention to those and I would like to maybe change?

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Hi @evandcs,

To be honest, this is typically up to personal preference depending on how much time you have and when you can study. Obviously, the more you have in the lower SRS stages (and ghost reviews) the more reviews you’re going to be doing. So regardless of your accuracy if you’re getting too many reviews to keep up with, it becomes a pain doing that many reviews on short time.

As for accuracy, I generally stick to 85% being the general number I watch for. If it drops below that number, then personally I’d lower the amount of new words I’m learning and vise versa. There’s no perfect number though, and really it comes down to how you feel when you’re reviewing.

If you want something to help guide you, here’s maybe a good question to ask yourself:

Do you have a hard time starting your review sessions (procrastination/putting it off)?

  • If yes: Cut down on the amount of new items you’re learning so review sessions are shorter and accuracy is
    higher. This will make review sessions feel less of a chore.

  • If no: Keep doing what you’re doing! Or, slightly increase the amount of new items you’re learning if you feel
    like your accuracy is to your standards (for me this would be anything above 85%).


thank you so much for the help guideline.

Just did last review session and dropped to 82 :sweat_smile: (そんな and そういう are my new nightmares!)

So, no new grammar points while I dont increase to 85% at least。


It’s my forth day studying here and it’s great, but there’s one thing that i’ve encountered twice already and would like to know if there’s anything I can do about it.

I already use Wanikani and the fact that the intervals here (4h, 8h…) match is extremely convenient as I can do the lessons and reviews for the day back to back.

However unlike Wanikani which seems to round down to the hour (A lesson done at 8:50 will get reveiwed at 12:00), here it seems to round down to the half hour (the review will appear at 12:30).

So what happens is I will get here for my reveiw at 12:00 only to find that I’ve got to wait 30 mins.

This is frustrating because it makes it much harder to schedule my day, as being a few minutes late or maybe taking a few minutes extra on a lesson could cause my schedule to be 30 mins out of whack later on in the day.

So my question is, Are there any ways around this? I’ve looked through the settings and couldn’t find anything but maybe a script?



I don’t think they have any way to change how their srs works. But I think you’re focusing too much on this truly. You don’t have to do a review the second it comes out and I believe most of us do reviews in 1 - 2 batches per day. I mostly just do them in the evening and don’t worry about what is piling up but some people bust some out in the morning and then once again in the evening. So personally I think you’re focused to much on it but that being said if you search the forums the site creators are pretty nice and you can request for the feature. I believe the forum post is this: : : Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request - #1414 by jamesrender

Like I said I think you’re fixating on it to much, which is fine it’s your life. But this site is about learning not micro-managing


This is something that’s just going to be impossible to manage as you continue to add more and more points. Things are never going to line up perfectly because (assuming you use ghosts) that’s going to move points’ times around super often. When you put that + real-life stuff popping up, I think your best bet is to just get around to them when you can. I think I usually have at least 1 point every hour/half-hour, but I simply don’t have the time (nor even want to lmao) refresh bunpro every 30 minutes.

Everyone’s different though! My schedule that works for me is do reviews at 10AM (when mornings + early morning reviews pile up = 30% of my load), do one at 5 or 6PM (fluctuates) then the bulk of my reviews are from 8-10PM so I may just do it twice during then or just once at 10. I suppose if you really wanted to, you could just not do reviews during a certain time so they pile up at a suitable time for you? Ghosts will still mess things up, but may help out a little bit if you’re finding yourself stretched too thin. Also, maybe just check reviews at XX:30 going forward because you’ll know that’s all there is for the hour?


Thanks for the answers!

Yea, this is a nice and very simple solution!

Just to clarify, I’m not trying to get every review as it appears, only the first two reviews for new items


Ah, gotcha! The first second review for a new point comes 4 hours after you finish the first, the third 8, etc. As you get in your groove here, you’ll start adding points at the same time and then you’ll see the next review for it at the same time. I personally like to do mine around 3 or 4PM so I see the next one once before I sleep and then hopefully by tomrorow my brain still remembers it when I wake up.

Pretty soon you’ll just start finding what works for you and it’ll become second nature without even thinking about it. It’s oddly fun!


You can do what I do, have ghost mode on and get everything wrong all the time, then you get to see grammar points frequently! :rofl:


Hi, I would like to change my forum username to match my username (GrymSylvar) on the main website. I’ve followed the guide earlier in this thread, but there’s no pen to change it.

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Hey there! I went ahead and changed it for you. :partying_face:
I hope you’re enjoying your time with Bunpro and the forums!


Hi, I would also like to change my forum username on here to match my username (DonUnko). I also tried to follow the guide but I couldn’t see any pen to change it.

Many thanks in advance!