How to study ghosts

I’ve read the FAQ and all topics that mention Ghosts and I’m still not clear on them.
Do I get a new ghost if I’ve made a mistake on a grammar point only once or more than once?
How do I reduce the number of Ghosts?
How many times do I have to get the answer right before a Ghost is resolved?
Do I just wait until they come up in normal SRS frequency?
Am I supposed to be doing anything else?

On a separate note, I’m in love w how Bunpro handles “soft” errors in my answers. Today I typed
まっぶたつ instead of まっぷたつ and got something along the lines of “You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But this is a special case!” It’s that kind of positivity that makes me look forward to my reviews.


If you get an awnser wrong, a ghost is created for that specific sentence. You need to get it right 4 times in a row for it to dissapear. They come up in your Reviews normaly, so there is nothing you need to do.


If you prefer, ghost reviews can be set to ‘minimal’ (Settings > General > Ghost Reviews) which means a ghost will only be created if you get the same question wrong twice (ie get it wrong, then still get it wrong when it comes back round).


That’s very clear, thank you.
I wonder if I just missed info in my searches or if it could be spelled out a little clearer.

*This makes me wonder something else. Am I using BP correctly? If I make a mistake in an answer, that becomes a Ghost. The way to resolve a Ghost is to wait for them to come up in SRS and get it correct 4 times. Doesn’t that mean that mistakes will quickly pile up as Ghosts at a much higher rate than they can be resolved? Or am I simply not supposed to be making mistakes?

I saw that option discussed.
It does seem a little odd that Ghosts are tracked but that there’s no direct method to study them specifically. Or, if there is, that I haven’t been able to find it. Someone posted a workaround that is done by bookmarking Ghosts one at a time and then looking them up.
Like starting with any software it takes some time to get used to how it works.

It is true that Ghosts can pile up very quickly, especially in the beginning. A high ghost count can mean that you are adding to much grammer points in too little time, which can happen easily as BunPro dosnt limit the amount of grammer points you add your reviews. So i would recommend waiting with new grammer points when you hit a certain amount of ghosts.

As for studying ghosts, if you go into your profile you can see a list of all your current ghost reviews. Each grammer point has a tab for additional resources aswell as a discussion page, which are very helpful to learn more about certain grammer points and to figure out where the trouble in understanding them lies.

You can also study ghosts directly by using the Cram feature and looking up the grammer points you are having trouble with.

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Very helpful, thank you. I’ll look for those options.

Just wanted to say I’ve never understood the need for ghosts by the creators. Why not just add extra SRS levels? It’s essentially the same thing. I guess we like to be reminded that a grammar point is difficult by arbitrarily naming it something. that’s the only possible reason I can think of…

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Hey @kib ! Welcome to the Bunpro Community, hope you have a great time here!

Ghosts are generated whenever you miss a review from a certain Grammar Point.
It creates a 4-stage additional review for that specific Grammar Point you missed, and it will be added to your reviews.

In your settings, you can either Activate, Deactivate or set Ghost Behaviour to minimal. This last one is what I personally use, since you still get Ghosts but you need to get the Grammar Point wrong twice before a Ghost is generated.

That said, you can get rid of it in two ways: Complete the review (aka, ‘exorcise’ the ghost), or just reset your ghosts to 0 in your Reset Settings.

To review the progress on your ghosts, just click on the Ghost Tile in your Dashboard!

Yes! They are meant to be woven together with your reviews. Just take the backseat and keep reviewing!

Not really I’d say. Keep studying! They’re there to help you get extra practice.

Something is coming soon to address this. :wink:

The main idea is to have a separate review without interfering the entire system, think of it as if it were a split ghost queue. Also, by it being its own number, it can help become an indicator to read if you might need to slow a bit and practice a little before continuing.


Excellent comprehensive reply. Much appreciated! Looking forward to future developments that address studying Ghosts directly.


Stay tuned! :wink:



Hey @kib! Just came back here to let you know Cram has been overhauled - you can now train your Ghosts only!

Check out the full post, and feel free to provide any feedback! :partying_face:


Thank you, Daru! Looking forward to trying it out.

If you want to get rid of ghosts ...

:ghost: Call Ghostbusters! :ghost:

Ahem ...

Sorry, I’ll get my coat.


Cram 2.0 is really great so far. I found the Special>Ghosts section and it works exactly as I’d hoped. Thanks, Bunpro!


I’m not sure if this is entirely relevant to the thread, but I’ve noticed that I haven’t gotten any badges related to Ghosts after getting the first one. My Ghost count keeps going up and down, usually hovering around 10 to 15, which presumably means that I’m clearing Ghosts and getting new ones all the time. Yet, I never unlocked the badge for slaying 13 Ghosts, nor anything past that.
It’s not really an issue for me, since the actual SRS system seems to be functioning perfectly fine, but I figure it’s worth mentioning.