Is Bunpro's grammar list "complete?"

Is Bunpro’s grammar complete in the sense that it has all the JLPT grammar for their respective levels? Also wondering if Bunpro is done adding grammar points entirely.

Obviously it would be hard to add every single grammar point, but is is generally complete in the sense that when I’m done with Bunpro I can just go pick up a Japanese newspaper and read it (omitting vocab knowledge)? You can replace the word “newspaper” with really any native & advanced level Japanese media and that’s my question.


JLPT grammar could be considered completed I guess, but they are not done adding more grammar.

More obscure points and dialect stuff coming. You can read about the roadmap here (In the section of Plans for 2022):


You could start to read a LOT with N3 knowledge, and most everything with N2. N1 doesn’t give you much extra, to be honest. And when speaking to my tutors about it, not a lot of N1 grammar really shows up anywhere but the test. :woman_shrugging: It’s why I’m in no rush to get to N1 materials, and am preferring to focus on lower N stuff.

Obviously there will be some holes, with slang, dialect, etc., but you should be comfortable with most media if you’re comfortable with N2.

So if that’s your end goal, then Bunpro should work for your needs.


Bunpro teaches grammar in a very structured, almost mathematical way, but real life is different. When you start reading, there be many moments where you will understand the grammar, but not the meaning of the whole sentence.

But no amount of grammar srs could solve that. You just need to read :slightly_smiling_face: