Lifetime Sale, A Year in Review and 2022, End of Discount

Lifetime Sale

  • The lifetime sale is now live! :tada::tada:
  • Lifetime subscriptions are on sale for $120 (normally $150). If you are already a subscriber, your current subscription will be prorated for any unused time. The sale ends January 7th, 2021.

2021 Year in Review

We made a lot of big changes here at Bunpro during 2021! Let’s take a quick review. :male_detective:


Added over 107 new grammar points, a massive increase on what we have been able to add in the past! We also finished the core of N1, a major milestone that we had been aiming for, for a while now. :weight_lifting_man:

Uploaded over 5000 new audio recordings for, N5(Male), N3,N2, and N1 grammar points. - Thank you @Asher, Haruna and @Fuga! :bowing_man:

We added 120 Reading Passages ranging in difficulty from N5 to N2. Each written in a way that builds upon what you have already learned, and emphasizes the grammar in each respective lesson. ( :memo: Useful to get an overall indication of your retention when finishing each lesson/N level)

Made it possible to click on grammar structures within our example sentences for N5 and N4, resulting in a popout that gives you a quick refresher on that grammar point. ( :memo: Useful for when you need to confirm your understanding of something quickly, without leaving your current study session.)

We began adding our own, bite sized (but still detailed) grammar writeups for each Bunpro grammar point. Focusing on giving you all the information you need to dive in and start using grammar effectively, straight away. ( :memo: Turning Bunpro into a more consolidated resource, that can support your learning, in addition to retention!)

Added 1100 N5 Vocab words with 9000 unique context sentences. Additionally, we made the vocab in example sentences interactable, opening a popout that displays the vocab and context sentences. ( :memo: Giving you more opportunities to immerse yourself in Japanese and develop your reading confidence.)

Created the new User Dashboard, giving you an all in one place to see your stats, and upcoming reviews. ( :memo: Making it easier for you to plan out your study pace, and get an ‘at a glance’ glimpse of your progress)

Completely redesigned the Grammar Point page. Changing the style and layout to better match the Bunpro modern themes and make room for future additions.

Revamped the Bunpro badges, making them something that you can be proud of earning, and want to show off. ( :memo: With tons of encouraging flavor text to support you along your journey!)

Plans for Bunpro in 2022


Bunpro Grammar Writeups for N4, N3, N2 and eventually N1. (Completing our initial -Bun Know- phase of the writeups) :memo:

Vocab SRS. (Including tools within vocab cards for deck building, and community sharing)

More Vocab - At least through N2. (A total of minimum 6000 new words, equaling 48,000 context sentences!) :books:

Kansai-ben and other dialects. (Grammar structures focusing on more niche topics!) :sunglasses:

Adding missing grammar, N0 grammar and slang. (Further supporting things regularly found in many types of media, but not the N-level tests) :muscle:

An official mobile app with notifications, offline mode and more? Maybe! (We will do our best!) :iphone:

We will also be looking toward creating a Bunpro referral system. (For when you tell your friends about us, and we want to thank you!)

Lastly, you might see a Bunpro merch store. :shopping_cart:

End of Monthly/Yearly Discount

In September we completed the core of N1 grammar. This has been one of our major goals for the past few years. With this milestone, and the addition of many other new features/resources, we are confident that we finally provide enough value to discontinue the discount on monthly and yearly subscriptions that was originally implemented.

From March 1st 2022, monthly subscriptions will return to their original planned price of $5, with yearly subscriptions being $50.

You can rest assured that we will not be increasing prices of the monthly and yearly subscriptions at any point in the future. One of our core philosophies is that education tools should be made available to everyone, not just at a reasonable price, but as cheaply as possible. That was our thought process when we had 100 users, and it will continue be our mode of operation when we have 1 million.

Should the discontinuation of the discount make Bunpro too unreasonable for anyone, seriously, please reach out to us. We have worked with others before who wanted to use Bunpro but through circumstances outside of their own control were unable to, and we will continue to do so going forward.

Happy Holidays and Happy Studying! :christmas_tree:
The Bunpro Team


I would like to humbly request a shirt with これはペンです on it so I can show off how 上手 my 日本語 is.


The back of the shirt should say


… With a picture of a pencil on it. :pencil2:


Consider me sold. Pre-orders are when? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The moment I saw that Lifetime Sale badge on the dashboard I clicked on it and bought the Lifetime plan. Even though I didn’t really use bunpro as much as I had originally planned this year, it helped me make a lot of progress in a short amount of time. When I tried out bunpro roughly 2 years ago I didn’t really see the value of bunpro. Back then it was just an incomplete grammar SRS that linked to other sites. It felt a bit… (do you mind my saying) lazy. Often I was not really motivated at all reading the external sources because I already knew that none if these website’s teaching style clicked with me.

But I came back this year and oh baby was I surprised!

With the redesign of the lesson UI, addition of your own grammar explanations and lots of example sentences I could finally say that bunpro would be worth my time and money. You started putting in the work to explain grammar yourselves and not only link to external sites. I don’t want to say that those external sites are bad, but having to switch from one teaching style to another surely can break the flow for me.

That’s why, regarding your own grammar explanations, I see a lot of potential there. I am definitely not someone who could learn a lot from a standard textbook, that is why I really, really hope you continue to shape the learning experience of bunpro similar to the one that people like “CureDolly” tried to provide to learners of Japanese. Teaching Japanese without forcefully trying to translate or correlate grammar points to English really helps to understand the grammar instead of just learning it. Providing the links between grammar points, answering the “why” question is what really makes me wanna learn more. Japanese grammar makes just so much sense if you learn it in a way a Japanese person learns it. There are tons of resources out there that teach Japanese the English way. Teaching Japanese the Japanese way with this kind of app would be a game changer in my opinion.

I hope you don’t mind this long comment (it is actually my first in this forum lol), but I wanted to get this off my chest. I am excited to see bunpro’s future, that’s why I invested into the Lifetime plan. I wish relaxing holidays and a happy New Year! Cheers!


Upgraded, easy decision. BP is currently clearly underpriced in relation to other learning site’s I use which will still be nearly double what the new price will be.


@HAZE Thank you for taking the time to write a really well thought out comment about the things that you do, and don’t like about the site. We are super glad to hear that you are enjoying the grammar explanations so far, and hope that they continue to to be at a really good ‘middle ground’ between teaching the traditional way, and teaching in a way that more closely reflects the way that Japanese natives learn it. :sunglasses:

We will all continue to do our best in 2022 (and onwards) to become an even more stand-out learning resource! :weight_lifting_man:


Also need some merch in my life to wear on zoom meetings for an intellectual flex on my colleagues. Yeah I am that shallow :wink:


The sale price is so good that I bought two lifetimes worth of Bunpro!


In a more serious manner, keep up the good job. I’m very thankful to have found this website.

About the merch store, I know it’s a stretch but, warehouse in EU or DDP service if it’s not too much to ask, otherwise importing stuff is usually way too painful.


With how many isekai’s there are these days, you’ll probably need two!


Didn’t know it carried over!

Also, very excited about the dialects.
Learning materials on those is usually rather limited, and I find some of the dialects amusing and fun.



That’s a lot of additions this past year, I definitely noticed the many update threads on this forum. I think you guys are also doing a great job with the overall activity and the ambitious roadmap. It inspires confidence in the service. The plans looked good enough to me to get a lifetime sub anyway. I’ll start actively using it once you guys add the N4 grammar writeups, looking forward to those!


id buy it


Upgraded from yearly to lifetime. Bunpro is the only reason I was able to trawl myself through the N4 and N3 grammar. Really looking forward to what you guys have planned for 2022 :partying_face:


when my country currency to us dollar gets a big decrease I will buy a lifetime as well, for the price now, not really possible, almost 1 to 6 :frowning:


By the way, if you do work on a mobile app from scratch, please do it in a way that can be easily deployed on both iOS and Android. It would suck to have a better version on X platform while the other one be abandoned eventually.

Also it would be nice if it came together with some API upgrades.



No but the rest of this is great too, haha. Seriously, y’all have been doing such amazing work, it’s been so exciting and motivating. The differences y’all made in my studies has been indescribable. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I’m looking forward to seeing all the changes and growth in the future! <3


Considering just how long my Genki Book was dusting around I’d probably never have gotten started on grammar had i not read about BunPro one random day in the WK Forums, I’ve certainly gotten so much further since starting out in january. :relaxed:
I’ll have to make use of that lifetime sale myself depending on how my wallet looks after christmas! :flushed:


Let’s go boys buy once cry once. Ramen noodles and ice soup for a few months isn’t that bad.


If only I didnt also have VTuber Merch to factor in I’d happily jump the gun right about now :woozy_face: