Is it my system or bunpro is getting slower?

For the last month, I noticed that it sometimes takes 10 seconds to go to the next review topic while before it was instantly. Is anyone experiencing the same issue?


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I’m new, it seems kinda slow sometimes when I go from one lesson to another, but it’s taking between 1-3 seconds, I truly hope it doesn’t get slower u.u

I personally haven’t experienced this issue.

Much slower and sometimes it crashes when doing reviews too.


tried with 3 different pcs (2 7s, 1 10), my conclusion is bunpro getting slower and slower. heck, sometimes it crashes when you do reviews (doesn’t load the next question or doesn’t give you the green or red light depending on your answer). sometimes it takes up to 15 secs to load.

i can understand some issues with the speed and generally i can live with that. but the crashes are really killing me, i just can’t move on (well, in both meanings).


Seconding not having any issues. I use it on my phone (Chrome via BunPyro), my extremely slow laptop (also Chrome), and my work laptop (Microsoft Edge). I’ve never experienced crashes either, and speedwise never really had an issue. Weird that some people have so many, and others have nothing at all!


Yes it’s so slow for me that I dread launching it. I like Bunpro a lot but these slow load times and lack of review notifications are making me want to find something else. It’s often up to a minute between questions!

EDIT: Found the answer here! Website is painfully slow

I had to delete the WaniKani API code from my settings and hit save. WaniKani just did some big update to the API and I guess that was slowing down this site. Just did ten questions in under a minute! We’re back, baby!!!


well, i don’t use wanikani at all. actually, i hate them and their yabadabadoo mnemonics too.

soo, why do i keep getting that slow load times?

I’m not sure, but fiddling with all the settings is worth a try! It could still be a problem between the two websites that you can fix by filling and then emptying the WaniKani box. I turned bunny mode on and off, too.

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