Website is painfully slow

I’ve noticed for the last couple of weeks that sometimes it takes up to twenty seconds to load new questions on the site, and that’s on a very fast computer. I can only imagine how painful it would be to use on a slower computer. I’ve also noticed this on the phone app. It seems the problem is almost certainly server side, which is unfortunate since I do pay for the service. I wouldn’t normally complain about something like this, but it is by far the worst loading times I’ve ever experienced on a website, and it makes it really hard to stick with practicing using the service when every other word takes 5-20 seconds to load.


Strange… I’m not experiencing this issue.

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I’ve experienced the same. I only just started using this app and was getting turned off by how sluggish things were. Good to know this is isn’t normal!

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I didn’t really realise it until I used bunpyro where searching for grammar points is immediate. probably something to do with having them stored locally rather than pulling from a database somewhere.

The websites not fast by any means by 5-20 seconds is way too long and is probably at least partly an issue on your end

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@siditious and @derekallendelta Thank you for your reports. While we have received similar reports from other users, it seems that the majority are not experiencing the 5-20 second load times that you describe.

Since not everyone is experiencing this issue and we have not received reports like this until recently, we believe that it might have to do with scripts that you may be running or third-party add-ons that you have installed. These may be interfering with the newly updated version 2 of the Wanikani API.

If you have any scripts or add-ons running, would you mind checking to see if disabling them resolves the issue? If so, would you mind letting us know what scripts/add-ons you have installed?

Thank you for your patience. Cheers!

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I’m only running a dark browser script in Chrome, but just to be sure even though I’ve experienced this on the Android app as well I went ahead and ran through a few problems using clean installs of Safari and Firefox on Mac OS with NO scripts or extensions at all, every few questions there would be a noticeable delay, (about 5 seconds), and as I say I’ve seen this delay be much much longer. In any case I’m running this on a MacBook pro with 3.4 ghz quad core processor and 16 GB RAM, so it seems unlikely that this should be an issue on my end.

I’ve also had major slowness issues with Bunpro, to the point where it’s kind of painful to use. In fact, that’s the main thing keeping me from subscribing to Bunpro.

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@siditious Thank you for your reply and for doing some testing. Just to cover our bases, are you using the Wanikani API to hide furigana? If so, are you using version 2 (the latest version)? If not, would you mind switching your furigana settings to “off,” saving the changes and trying once more? Thank you again for helping us work through this. Cheers!

Like I said, I tried it on multiple browsers with absolutely no extensions or addons and the problem persists. I am not using the WaniKani API at all no, this problem is 100% on your end.

I am seeing similar things. It does appear to be on the server end:

(note the 5s “learn” call)

I also find the website to be very slow. 20 seconds is a lot, but I get to wait a good 5 seconds sometimes. It’s even worse on mobile. Well, they do have a lot to handle with a relatively small income.

I’ve also seen reviews take a few seconds between me pressing enter and the next review starting to show. For me it’s not very common and I can live with a few seconds every once in a while. Maybe it depends on when we use the site though?

For me it’s usually only a few seconds as well, but that’s still a few seconds too many. Normal sites don’t have a user-visible lag at all. If a button on iOS froze for several seconds every time you tapped it, I’m sure there’d be firing squads at Apple HQ.

For what it’s worth, I’m not using the WK api either.

I maybe get a bit of lag but nothing excessive during reviews.

Perhaps related (or not), the adding notes section has an a very long wait for just a few words in a notes (sometimes takes several minutes to save if it works but mostly not at all). I’d like to use this more lately but I would consider it not functional at this point. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m experiencing this as well on Mac desktop chrome. I don’t run any scripts or plugins. Delay can be anywhere from half a second to 15 seconds and occasionally completely freezes all together. This never happened to me until the last few weeks. It really takes me out of the flow of my reviews.

Ubuntu Chrome without scripts, same issues. Sometimes it loads instantly, sometimes it takes up to 20 secs.

I have noticed this delay, it doesn’t always happen, it could be loading of new content, I’m not really sure, I am new to this site, but it is noticeable, I’ve used wanikani for over 7 years and it doesn’t suffer from this type of inconsistent delay/issue. Who knows.

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I’ve noticed this as well, but it doesn’t start for me until after the 5th review or so, and then it’s very slow (10-20 seconds until the next review is ready). I removed my WK API, and I’m based in Japan, if that helps.

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It’s also running slow for me, some questions are slower than others. Noticeably slower than when I first signed up.

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I am also experiencing this. I think at the very least the UI should be updated to indicate that it is in fact loading the next review. As it is right now, I will click next / hit enter, and I can’t tell if it is actually doing anything or not.

A separate but possibly related issue that I’ve been noticing is that when using the “Wrap up” feature to finish the review session before all the reviews are complete, I generally have to go back to that menu option and click it again before it will take me out of the reviews.

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