Japanese Grammar Resources

So I’d be curious what Grammar Resources for learning Japanese are out there and what are you using? I’m sure this would also be beneficial for new Users to recommend them to supplementary material :slight_smile:

I myself currently use Bunpro as my main learning tool supplementing it with Minna no Nihongo, Misa Sensei, Tae Kim and Imabi where I don’t understand something or it is not clear to me regarding usage or understanding.

  • I only use Bunpro.
  • I use Bunpro and other resources.
  • I use grammar Videos. (e.g. Misa Sensei)
  • I use online grammar resources. (e.g. Tai Kim, Imabi)
  • I use grammar only Books. (e.g. A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar)
  • I use workbooks. (e.g. Genki, MnN)
  • I use something entirely different.
  • I don’t learn grammar, just lurking.

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BunPro is my number one.

Then I follow links from BunPro if I’m still unclear about the grammar point.
I have Genki books and workouts but I always fell asleep while reading ‘em.
I have Minna no Nihongo but same reason as above. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I have Tobira but same reason as above. I’m sorry. :sob:


BTW. I’m not a regular here so I can’t edit your title from “Gammar” to “Grammar”. ^^ Anyway.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to mention that I use A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar intensively if I’m unclear about the grammar point explained here and by Misa Sensei. But I guess you probably already know since I’ve mentioned this book a lot.


I’m using Bunpro to help as I go through Genki. I’ve been adding each grammar point from Genki as I learn them. The Genki exercises make sure I understand correctly the first time, and then Bunpro makes sure I don’t forget.


Right now BunPro is taking top spot, because I find it easiest to incorporate into a routine - which I really need.

I watch Misa videos and KawaJapa CureDolly videos. I’ve also been meaning to buy one or both of the grammar ebooks that CureDolly has released.

Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar and Imabi as good reference material rounds it all out! …I hope. >_>


Started with Tae Kim for the absolute basics. Then I dropped grammar entirely for about a year and a half.

Got to level 60 in WK and decided that I needed to finally start learning grammar so I used Misa Sensei Absolute Beginner series as my main method for N5-N4ish stuff. She’s absolute wonderful and I still watch her new videos whenever they come out. Also did BP equivalents as I went along.

Finished up the rest N4 grammar points on BP.

Used Tobira as my main method for N3. I would study the chapter and then do the BP equivalent grammar points.

Finished up the rest N3 grammar points on BP.

Now I’m doing BP as my main method to get a introductory of the N2 stuff. After I do all the lessons, I have plans to use 新完全マスターN2 文法 + 日本語の森 videos to work on the nuances and differences.

Not the most efficient or well-rounded road map. But it’s better than fretting over it and doing absolutely nothing! : )


Currently I’m only using Bunpro (and I read all the links it gives and sometimes watch the videos). However I plan to add more. I’m currently trying to learn what textbook the Japanese language school I will go to in April uses (in Japan! YAY JAPAN!). When I have that, I hope to start going through that so when I take a test to see which level of class I should join my grammar won’t pull me way down. (Plus vocabulary from the book, plus I hope to add speaking/listening practice after getting some grammar under my belt.)

I might look more into the different video/YouTube options too.


I read multiple times Dictionary of Basic and Intermediate Japanese Grammar. I use an anki deck to review all the examples sentences ( https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/54897524 ), which is very good. Anki is available even when I’m offline, or when I have only few minutes (waiting in line somewhere). I try to learn 20 new sentences of this deck each day.

Bunpro is also interesting. I finished the new N2 lessons this week, waiting for N1. I think I’m more or less at N2 level, I took the N2 exam 10 days ago, if I fail it would be due to listenning comprehension and not grammar.

I should try to read the last Dictionary of Grammar book which I have in my library.


Just out of curiosity… Did you just read the Dict of Grammar books or did you study them using some method? Like did you write the example sentences? Did you read an entry multiple times?


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I read the Beginner grammar book (A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar) multiple times in the first year after I began to study Japanese. I only read the expplanation and exampple sentences, no writing. I also finished Genki 1 and 2.

In the second year of study , I finished Tobira. Then I began to read the Intermediate grammar book ( A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar), but I read it only one time. However, I found an anki deck with the sentences from these Dictionary of Grammar ( https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/54897524 ) which I began to use. This deck is huge, I only finished a little more than 50% of sentences now. I think that to learn grammar, the best way is to SRS a lot of sentences illustrating the grammar points. That’s why I like bunpro, and that’s why I like A Dictionary of Grammar and this anki deck. I believe that when you have “learned” (= understand without problems) 10k sentences illustrating multiples grammar points, you get stronger at Japanese.

This year I will try to read the advanced grammar book, and to finish the associated anki deck. Hopefully the N1 lessons will also be avaiable on bunpro in the same time.


Amazing! Thanks for replying, you inspired me to get Tobira.

I just need to finish some things on Genki 2, then I’ll start going through it after finishing all N4 grammar points here on BP. Also thanks for the Anki deck :smiley:

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I was wondering if anyone downloaded some the new JLPT sensei Master Grammar e-books. At $5 and 400 pgs, seems like a great deal.

This was a nice review comparison for anyone interested: