Have you done your BunPro Review today?

Good afternoon!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!
  • I finally zeroed my WK & BP review today.
  • It feels good to squash some leeches again on WK.
  • I think I’ll be reading about でも again and find more example sentences about it. It’s one of my ghosts.

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My first holiday away with studying using these apps. Managed to do all my reviews here and at WK the past few days sneaking them in whereever. Today’s plans derailed by bad weather so a lot of chillout time so even managed to add some lessons on WK.

Merry Xmas to all who celebrate it on the eve! I normally celebrate on the day but not doing a normal xmas since I’m away.


Finally BP has backed up.
Good evening and merry Xmas everyone.
Managed to clear up with good result today.
Is there any guideline when to add more lesson before it gets overwhelming?

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Wow! 162 items! I haven’t seen an official guideline for that yet, but I’ve been using stats & ghosts total number, and guess from there.



But my pace is slow. I don’t always add lessons everyday on BP. I use same trick on WK. I limit certain number on my Apprentice items, I translate that Apprentice to 1 - 4 here on BP I guess? :man_shrugging: 5 - 6 as Guru? 7 - 8 = Master? 9 - 10 = Enlightened? 11 - 12 = Burned? CMIIW. + Ghost total. It doesn’t mean I don’t add my lessons because I see this chart though. More from my feeling I guess. If I’m confortable, I add lessons. I’d rather combat leeches (ghost here) instead of always adding lessons then get overwhelmed by reviews later and combat leeches on other SRS tools (insert here anki/kitsun/memrise, etc). But it’s just my personal preference, because I could go wrong when I’m on review sessions for the first or second time just after learning lessons/grammar points. Other people could set it differently.

Good evening!

  • I finally zeroed both WK & BP reviews!
  • Even though I looked at the Appendixes of A Dict of Basic Japanese Grammar, I still got this wrong. I didn’t have any experience with negative ほうがいい yet. I learned something.



  • I haven’t had any experience to conjugate てみる+つもり


  • I forgot again which one to use whether kureru or ageru.


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Thank you for the tips.

Do you read any grammar books? I read Tae Kim’s but I think it’s hard since I don’t know many of the kanji in the book yet. I might have started too fast, I’d better slow down now. What is ghost reviews?

My head hurt when I first did. Had 100+ reviews at that time and it took me 1.5 hours to zeroed them. :rofl: But it gets faster each day. Still had some verb conjugations wrong. I should study more on that area.

I used KW, and KameSame at the same time to reinforce kanji production which I think lacking in WK. I think WK is very slow right now due to that many repetition. I got myself into N4 already, maybe I’m just bored waiting for new reviews to come up. :sweat_smile:

Just zeroed BP. But still can’t remember the new lesson for N4 I had yesterday.

I use A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar book.

From this.

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Thanks. I didn’t realize there’s ghost review in SRS

Good afternoon!

  • I finally zeroed both WK & BP reviews!
  • Oh, I hit 0 review too yesterday. I just didn’t post it here.
  • Study Streak 26. I’m lucky when BP was down, it didn’t affect my streak.
  • I wanted to focus/emphasize on my Japanese grammatical errors but “unfortunately” I didn’t make any grammatical errors today/yesterday. :man_shrugging:
  • I levelled up from level 19 to level 20.
  • I haven’t added lessons yet. I read Mami sensei translate from Japanese to English slowly. Still the first series 1-500 from 4500 though. I skipped about 5 - 7 sentences because I just didn’t know how to read some kanji yet, just like what Mami sensei’s instruction, just read it quickly and translate to my language.

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Back from my Christmas-away-from-computer-time, mostly just checking in. I just did all Bunpro reviews, about 13 reviews (I don’t remember exactly) which is about half of all lessons I’ve done (although one was a ghost). To do still: I have just below 250 reviews on WK and 70ish reviws on KW. My goal is to hit most of that by day’s end, but it depends. My brain turned to mush like an hour ago for no apparent reasons, so I might not get through all reviews.

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Just level up to 19. Three times did the reviews but didn’t get recorded. I have tried using Wrap Up in the middle of the session but still didn’t get recorded.
Maybe some server issue again. They need to seriously handle this issue, it’s very frustrating to have a lot of reviews and it didn’t get recorded.
The fourth time it went through. Not doing any new lesson yet. I’ll take your suggestion and eliminate ghost reviews first before adding more lessons.

Hey! Sorry, I little bit off-topic.

I’m in situation which I would call - “The Review Hell”. I have 120+ reviews which is can’t finish for one day and next day I have same amount of reviews. Because of this there is also no way to study new grammar ( I feel i should done reviews first). May be I little bit broke logic than I study all N5 grammar in one day.
But question is how to limit number of reviews per day ( like may be 50 ? ) , get most hard for me first ( lowest streak ) ? or how your way of study looks like ?

I left BunPro for four months.

I don’t think there is a feature to get the hardest grammar points to easiest ones on BP.

I usually use the top left button, then click FINISH or WRAP UP after I answered 1 or 2 questions when I was busy.

I don’t always add lessons.

Oh, I felt I wanted to reset, but I just faced it, anyway, when I came back to BP and got overwhelmed by many reviews. This feeling could differ on each person I think. :thinking: I don’t remember how many days did I take to zero all my reviews when I came back here.


Thank you!

Well, I guess I just get used to Anki where I have like 20 reviews per day and 5 new cards to study.
Here I just feel not right to learn new before making “all” reviews.

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You’re welcome!

My anki progress :blush:

Yeah. Oops.

Good Evening!

  • I wanted to review on BP but my review on BP is still zero. My WK review is still not zero though.
  • I wanted to add lessons on BP but I still want to read what I have skipped. Today I read about 〜たら on A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar. I haven’t finished reading all about it though I think I had watched Misa Sensei explaining about this “if expression” and “toki” etc.
  • I reached page 3 of Mami Suzuki Sensei no 1-500 sentences exercise already. I didn’t directly write my language translation to Apple Numbers though, because I did it mostly while commuting.

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I had 0 mistake this morning, maybe because my brain is still fresh and I haven’t done WK yet.
Going to repeat this routine tomorrow, just to make sure.
The amount of reviews has greatly reduced, but still a lot of ghosts.
I learned past tense of adjectives at JapanesePod101 yesterday, -かった/かったです for i-adjectives, and -だった/でした for na-adjectives. Helped me a lot during reviews since I missed them sometimes.


Good afternoon!

  • I hit 0 review on BP today and my reviews on WK are still more than 20. :sweat_smile: Argh! I got headache!! No worries though my HBP is normal.
  • I wrote notes on three or four grammar points on BP so that I can find it quickly on A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar book.
  • At last, I ordered A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar and A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar books from Amazon Japan yesterday. I can’t wait to unbox them on Saturday next week and also put the page from appendixes to my notes on BP, so that I can quickly jump to any of this series whenever I need to reread whatever the grammar point would be.
  • I added three lessons about そう、てすみません、みたいに。
  • I answered みたい instead of みたい for それはしろ。。。いえです。
  • I haven’t read any references from my newly added lessons’ references. I’ve read about みる on A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar though it’s seems unrelated :thinking:
  • I must workout this afternoon and have a combination of two kinds of melon fruits and watermelon for dinner. The sun is so bright this afternoon. :sparkling_heart:

Don't open it!

Never mind! I just found that this thread lacks of cats!



Yesterday I kept up with Bunpro and scratched at my huge pile of reviews on WK. This morning I think I had enough reviews coming in that all I did yesterday was erased. I clearly need to do more in a day to actually get WK reviews to 0 again after my three days away. I’m not adding lessons until I have WK at 0. Also KW is being ignored currently.


Love the cat.


Mistyped polite form when asked for casual. Mistakes are つもり and すぎる.
35 ghosts left. I’ll have it less than 10 before adding more lessons.
Finished 93 reviews for WK. Already forgetting some radicals.
Bought some stories at Japanese Graded Readers for Android. It’s very easy to read.
I wish they had many stories on their collection.
Very slow progress on both WK and BP.
I’ll fill the time to study grammar from Tae Kim’s and practice reading instead.


Good afternoon!

  • I finally hit 0 review on WK & BP again today!
  • My last three lessons on BP were about そう、てすみません、みたいに. I didn’t add lessons today though I wanted to. My energy was up combating leeches on WK.
  • I added six or nine lessons on WK. The overhaul level 17 are all done, and I dealt with WK level 20 vocabs mostly.
  • I levelled up my BunPro XP from 富士山 to 20k XP. And, oh, 29 day study streak!
  • I’m on page 5 now at Tofugu 4500 sentences first training 1-500. There were some sentences I could read but I couldn’t translate to my language, some I skipped as instructed, and some that I could translate it seamlessly.

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