JLPT December 2022 - Results published / Certificates sent



So for about a month left, and I’d though I’d create the topic already to discuss the prep-ness, what level you are going for and how are you feeling about it.

So I’m going for N2 in Spain.

  • Listening - It’s the area I feel most confident, although depending on the topics they might loose me completely.
  • Kanji - I plan to finish Kanji Kentei 7, which is still not nearly enough for the Kanji required for N2
  • Grammar- Although I passed N3, I haven’t touched N3 grammar here on Bunpro, let alone N2
  • Reading- It will depend on the vocabulary I guess.

For the month that remains I intend to finish the 9 lessons I have left of Kanji Kentei 7, listening I’ll keep with the Japanese media without subtitles, for reading I intend to pick up the pace of the books and manga, and for the grammar I’ll start with the N3 in Bunpro, although I don’t want to overload the SRS to just fail at it.

I’m mainly doing N2 not with the perspective of passing, but to see how far I am and to push myself towards a goal with a deadline fixed.

Depending on the results of having a deadline, I might do it on Summer as well. Last time I took the N3 was in December 2016

Good luck everyone!



I’ll be trying for N4 in December 2022.
Just about to finish working through the grammar lessons on Bunpro, and the kanji sections of the test are a godsend with the scores across vocab/grammar/reading being pooled, meaning that whole aspect should hopefully work out OK.
However, dreading the listening because of being weak at it :S but slowly working through a couple of books to help with that.


I have just done a 1 month cram for a mock test (n2) in 1 week’s time (I don’t see the point in paying for JLPT until I am job hunting in Japanese. I will save myself for N1).
7 textbooks in one month. xD
What I will say is that vocabulary does seem to be a sticking point still, even after a few novels/manga made into flash cards and a dedicated N2 deck. I intend to hit 3-4 vocabulary books and a few reading/speed reading books before moving onto N1 studies to attempt to get in ahead of this issue for N1.


Ah, totally flew past me that I had some audio books that I haven’t touched yet, that might be handy for listening bumping. I’ll add them to the list, although it’s quite big already for just a month lol.

I do it because it’s been too long in the self-taught and I want some sort of measurement of how I’m doing. There’s no classes near where I am, and 60EUR is not that big of an expense anyway.


Yeah, probably try to blaze through as much of the Japanese “to do” list in the next month and a bit, then maybe realistically spend the first half of next year actually completing the “to do” list in time for the next JLPT attempt :joy:


Please could you share them, I’m thinking of doing N4 next summer and my listening is definitely the weakest area.


N5 here. I’ve scored pretty high on everything except the listening, so I’m focusing on that almost exclusively.

Arguably I should I have stretched myself and gone for N4 but I don’t think I would be able to pass the listening section.

I’ve exhausted the listening sections from my textbooks so am using another site. Though the audio quality isn’t as good.
I did link the site, but I’m not sure if the content is breaking copyright so I don’t think the BP guys would want me linking that.


Sure. The one I’ve worked through so far is the typical Shinkanzen Listening book.

However, now working through The Preparatory Course for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N4: Kiku, basically a load of practice questions:

Then there are the practice test books which of course include all parts of the test, including listening.


I’ll be taking the N4 in New York. Originally wanted to take the N3, but I would have had zero free time to myself since July if I did that to myself. I’m honestly only worried about the grammar at this point as that’s the only section I had issues with when doing a pretest a few months back. I’m focusing just on grammar just until the end of November hits, then I’ll try another practice test. It’ll just be basic reviews from there.

I had some personal issues come up around August, so I fell behind in learning quite a bit and am rushing my grammar. But I’m going to be able to do fine at the rate I’m going judging by my reviews and cram sessions. Hopefully I’m right! :sweat_smile:


Will try N5. Using BunPro SRS, Torii SRS, Wanikani, and Tadoku reading.
Listening using Netflix and Youtube. haha
So far so good, but I really need to brush up my reading and listening.


I’m taking a swing at N2, and unfortunately following my preparation prediction from August exactly: “Or doing nothing - that seems more my speed.”



I am going for the N3.
I feel very 50 50 about it. In 2019 I failed N3 by 10 points haha
I feel quite happy as I have definitely started to study more over the last 2 months and my sleep pattern has gotten better, I walk more too haha.

My main goal over the last month or so was to improve a bit my vocabulary as that is definitely my weakest area. So I have been using a lot more Anki and Kanji Senpai + paper to write stuff that I get wrong.

Hopefully from today / tomorrow, I plan to start transitioning into doing as many JLPT N3 books as I can and go through. Hopefully that would be enough for the exam. I have a few drill books eg パターン別 N3、Kanzen Master Grammar + Reading N3. (I wish I started doing this already but time keeps slipping away… haha)

For reading, I hope to read as many light novels as possible… we will see. I started to read for 1 to 2 hours before bed!

For listening, I just blast Japanese music while working :metal:
Should probably go and watch some Jdramas without subtitles…

Good luck!


I’ve not done a language learning listening examination in over 30 years :scream:
During practices I do find myself ‘zoning’ out and missing critical bits of information.

Does anyone have some practical tips for when taking the test?

Anything that works for them, like I dunno, closing eyes, chewing gum, taking an ear trumpet with them, loading up on caffine & sugar, rushing to the room and bagsying the desk nearest the front…

And the anti-patterns, stuff that backfired and wasn’t helpful like, closing eyes, chewing gum, taking an ear trumpet with them, loading up on caffine & sugar, rushing to the room and bagsying the desk nearest the front…


What I find most difficult about the listening is that it’s at the end.

I think it would be better being in the middle but I understand logistically it would be a nightmare.

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Taking N3 in Madrid. Where do you you take it in Spain?

I don’t feel I am ready and don’t really have all the time I would need to study.

But anyway… listening and grammar are the most difficult parts for me…

Still 1 month to go. At least I will finish N3 grammar in bunpro by that time.


Madrid, so I guess same place as you, the UAM.


I am doing N4 (also in Spain). But mainly because I need deadlines. They work great for me. I probably won’t be ready on time, and maybe I’ll just go to check the process (first time). Or not. But so far the deadline has been a blessing.


Deadlines do work well. I’m on path to finishing level 7 of Kanji Kentei as I picked up the speed and I’m investing more time (I do also have more free time this month… but still I’d probably be more procrastinating and pushing less hard)

I which location are you taking the exam? It’s kinda crazy that there’s enough demand to have 5 locations in Spain. I remember back when it was only one location, and just once a year.


I’m taking the N2 in Sapporo. I’ve already finished N5-N2 in Bunpro, so I’m just going to keep the reviews down to 0 whenever I have the opportunity. For vocab, I’m trying to grind down my Anki decks. I’d like to finish some books before the test as well, but we’ll see if I have time.

If I had continuously studied I’d expect to pass, but the past 6 months have had random things keep popping up and I feel like I missed about a month or two of studying total. I think I’m going to fail it but barely. Oh well. We’ll see!


Yes, totally crazy. I am doing it at Santiago de Compostela. They don’t usually offer the summer one (I guess because the school year ends and it would be a mess). If I try again in the summer I would probably go to Madrid or Barcelona.