JLPT July 2022 Results Are Out!

Hey! How did everyone do?

This was my first N2 and I failed. But I also passed 二段 in July for Kyudo. My teacher said if I had passed both on one try that would have been too greedy of me and I shouldn’t dwell on it too much and just keep practicing (at both).

Vocabulary/Grammar was 22/60
Reading was 19/60 :sob:
Listening was 35/60 :star2:

I at least know I won’t have to worry about listening too much! It sucks to fail, but now I kind of have a better idea what I need to be doing based on my experience and score.

How did everyone else do?


Heyy! I think you still did great:). Good job with your studies!
I didn’t take JLPT but I’m quite confident I’d pass N5 and almost confident I’d pass N4 with a sprinkle of some more vocab. Can’t wait to hear how everyone did!


Literally the worst mark I’ve ever had on any test ever! :rofl:
I did my N1 again and I got a 4 on my reading!
I said at the time that I couldn’t concentrate, so this is totally expected.


Although I expected it I failed N1 again too. What I didn’t expect was that I would not only get a worse score in reading than before but I would also fail that section completely LOL. This is after lots of textbook study, reading books, news, reading manga etc. So this time around I really don’t understand my score at all, and have no critical way to analyze what I’m doing wrong. By all means I did everything to try and improve my weak area but according to the test it somehow got worse. Yeahhhhh I am done with JLPT study. I will take the test in December because its just an afternoon of my time, but I am officially done with ever studying specifically for this thing. Time to enjoy life and not care about this test anymore.


Curiosity about this year’s N1 reading section intensifies :eyes:


やった! できた!! I did the N4 to encourage myself to get back into the swing of studying and it definitely worked, so now I’m going to go for N3 in August 2023! And then I think I’ll stop because sounds like N2 and N1 are too much stress to be worth it hahaha :sweat_smile:


I can’t even remember. I was just having an awful day where I couldn’t concentrate on anything at all.


As I knew, I failed the N2! Again! :sweat_smile:
Surprisingly, I did much better in the listening and reading this time. The grammar section I didn’t do so well in. Not surprising really, I felt it was kinda difficult this year.

If I take it again, at least I know what I need to work on (reading and grammar).
I can read books and all that fine, but next time I will try and use the Shinkazen reading book to help!


First time taking N1 and I was 2 points shy of passing.
I feel really frustrated to get so close and fail because there were so many small things that could have made the difference between passing and failing. Due to poor fime management, as always, I ran out of time and couldn’t do the final 2 readings and most of the grammar questions and I also got very distracted by someone tapping their desk during the listening part.

I got all the reading questions I did right except for 2 and most of the vocab questions, so If I just managed my time a bit better or had 5 more minutes I think I would have passed. I was very close to passing N3, N2 and N1 back to back. That dream has died but I’ll try again in December.


To come this far though… I admire you and can’t wait until I can be your level:). Don’t give up! These small things are indeed annoying…


I think there is one way you can kind of do that. Since the test gets leaked after the test happens, you could go and look at the articles and reading questions again and try to remember what answer you chose then look at the correct answers and try to understand what you missed when you chose your answer.


I think it is probably a case of over studying too narrowly and not really reviewing enough. The one section of the test I never study particularly hard for is listening and it is always the section I get the highest score in. So yeah, no more JLPT study and overanalyzing my answers, I will just read for enjoyment.


Went for N2 this year! I’m not terribly proud of the scores, but hey, a pass is a pass!


Congrats to everyone that passed!

And for those who didn’t, there’s December to take revenge!


Got a 9 on my Reading lol
I knew it was bad but this came as a little shock.
I’m right there with you on the listening improvement though.
Just need to find better ways to improve reading speed and comprehension.


Passed the N5, but I kind of expected a higher score lol

The listening score was higher than I expected, but I’m still not sure how I managed to get just 63/120 in the reading section. I really wish I could review the test, but as far as I understood, that is just not a thing for some reason. Not sure either how A A B becomes 63/120, but at least I suppose I can guess where to focus my studies


Congratulations for your results everyone! Hope I can reach N2 and N1 just like everyone else!


yeah, i take on december j4.


I got N3 ! I’m pretty happy about it because I had barely started working on the N3 grammar by then, but did good. I need to strengthen my listening abilities though. I’m going for N2 in December now !


I can wait until the 30 of September to make the decission.

It will depend whether if I have finished the Kanji Kentei level 7 or not by then.

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Since the test gets leaked after the test happens…

WHERE!!! :joy: I’m a newbie to learning Japanese and haven’t done much research on JLPT yet. However, it would be very useful if I start collecting materials to study and prepare for when the time comes :slight_smile:

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