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I just bought the lifetime membership as a late Christmas present to myself :slight_smile: In the beginning it seemed like 150$ was a bad deal when yearly subscription was only 30$, but I have realized that I will need to stick with BunPro for a while. I am almost done with WaniKani after 1.5 years, but have so much more grammar to learn, and it is more difficult to really understand. I am excited for the new features that will come. Happy studying :slight_smile:



Hmm… you need about 6-7 years to break even (depending on inflation and assuming pricing will not change). I hope you will regret that decision and become master of 日本語の文法 before that :hugs:

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This assumes the price never goes up, which it has been promised to do eventually.


Yup. I got it one sale now for 116$. It is 30$ now, but will go up to 50$ sometime in the future. I am pretty sure I will break even :stuck_out_tongue:


Rising the price would be pretty bad business decision. :face_with_monocle:They should rather aim at expanding their user base. For that reason I would rather expect lowering the price, but we will see.

Assuming price will go up soon you still have about 2,5 year to turn this into a bad decision. You can do it :grin: 頑張って! :hugs:

The site currently states that it is 30$, 40% off 50$, since about 40% of the content is under construction. They have said it the whole time, so I do not think it is unreasonable at all.


Well… even if we agree that access to bunpro is worth about 300$ it doesn’t mean it is smart move to rise price that much. It would back fire badly. If I would be them I would lower the price to 29$ and seek to expand user base. You will always earn more with let say 20 000 user at 29$ than with 10 000 at 50$.

That is their decision to make, but it is worth remembering bunpro has pretty bad reputation for their previous decisions. At least on reddit.

Anyway that’s not the point. I just found it ironic it is in your best interest to proof yourself wrong on that decision :crazy_face:

But at least you don’t have to be worried about sudden price rise. If they would rise the price to let say 15$ per month I would have to cancel the subscription after maximum 6 month. :pleading_face:

I guess it depends when the site plans to returning to the original $5/month. If it isn’t for awhile then currently monthly pricing seems to make the most sense unless you plan to be using the site for 3+ years, which I’m not sure is a likely scenario.

Decisions decisions

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We can hope that over time this site will evolve into something you will need even at every late stages of your journey. I am not sure what that would have to be though. Maybe sections with archaic Japanese and dialects? But that would be mostly for people that want to write haiku :sweat_smile:

I just bought lifetime too! Even if I don’t break even it’s nice to support small businesses when you can. I hadn’t used my free trial before buying just kind of bought it on faith and now I’m a little overwhelmed though and I don’t know where to start…


been using the site for a little over a year
just bought lifetime since its been useful to me

only regret is that i didn’t get it earlier
i hope i dont slack off now that i no longer have a time limit on my access


If you are actually planning on really learning Japanese, it sure is a great investment. It probably will take a while (years), so try to go slow and dont get overwhelmed. It has been a very nice balance with WaniKani. There I have learned the kanji, and here I get to use it, while putting it in context. Good luck!

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You’ll find there’s many people that think this site is a tremendous value, especially compared to other sites. There’s plenty of other study sites that offer less features and charge $60 or $80 per year. With that perspective, you’re “breaking even” in two years.

Besides, learning Japanese (or any language for that matter) is not something that you memorize once and then you know it for life. You have to keep practicing and reviewing for many years to come. :nerd_face:


First of all i would recommend to make sure you know how Cram works. It helps when you want to memorise some grammar that is problematic (eg how to convert to te form or past tense). You can train there.

Then i would recommend to choose a path and follow it for a while. If you don’t use any textbook then just follow default path. Doing 3-5 grammar point per day at the start should not overwhelm you. But be sure that you are reading each sample sentence outloud, and if you don’t know any word in the sentence then add it to you anki list.

On top of that it is better if you do your review 2-3 times per day. New grammar point reappear after just a few hours so you can review them when they are still fresh in you mind. It may be harder to review brand new grammar point after 24h.

Once you are at the lvl you can start some basic reading then it seems better to add grammar point in order you will meet them in the text.

Good luck on you journey :hugs:

If you straggle with anything just let us know in this forum. We will try to help (although I can be useful only on very basic stuff…) :nerd_face:


Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy bunpro a lot myself. It is sad it is not as popular as it should be.

When I was looking for the opinions about it i found one video on yt and some shit storm on reddit about some questionable decisions etc. It would be nice if bunpro would got more recognition among Japanese learners.


I got the lifetime membership a year ago. I do not regret at all. There is a lot to learn, plus the staff is very helpful and responsive. I am sure that I will spend more than 3 years to stop using it. Of course, it all depends of your goals. Not only I want to complete N5-N1, but I would like to reset all and redo it without the English translation and without furigana (to learn kanjis). A long way to go… Good luck in your study.:grinning:


I got my Lifetime as a New Year’s present to myself, which may or may not simply be a way to phrase it that makes me feel better about spending the money all in one chunk. I don’t regret it, because it’s improved my grammar exponentially over the year I’ve been using it, and I’ve found it a super helpful resource for my learning outside of reviews. I think the use I get out of it more than justifies the price, though others may not agree. I’m on here multiple times a day, after all.


Why not start now? I only use furigana from time to time when I forgot the reading or where I encounter new word. It is doable from day one if you are ready to invest some time. If I can do it anybody can, so not need to shy away from it :hugs:

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Thank you for supporting the site. While I hope you reach your language goals before you break even on the purchase, know that you have invested in the education of future students as well, and that in itself is pretty awesome :grin:


One step at the time sir. I am concentrating on grammar at this time, then I will concentrate on the Kanjis I do not know, plus it will allow me to revise grammar for a second round.