MAJOR UPDATE! November 24, 2019


With the December JLPT exactly one week away, it is the perfect time to really focus on the individual grammar points that are giving you the most trouble.

For this reason, we have added a few features to Cram to enhance your grammar studies.

  • You can now select multiple JLPT levels to cram at once.

  • In addition to selecting multiple JLPT levels, you can now select individual grammar points from within those categories.

What's Cram, again?
  • Cram allows you to review random example sentences from a particular JLPT level.

  • Cram draws from every available study question in our database to cover a variety of situations and nuances.

  • You can cram for as long as you like without affecting your normal review SRS.

Happy cramming and good luck on the JLPT!


You can now bookmark individual grammar points! Just click on the bookmark icon in the upper right-hand corner of a grammar point page.

  • Grammar points you have bookmarked will be marked with a bookmark icon.


Copy Japanese

You now have the ability to copy the Japanese example sentences to the clipboard without furigana.

Wanakana Update + Bug Fixes

  • Wanakana update fixes the bug where typing in the middle of a word for error correction moves the cursor to the end of the input.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

Troubled Grammar

  • You can now view your troubled grammar points on the Stats page.

Oh, one more thing…

New Grammar!

View Grammar Points

可也かなり - Tobira Chapter 14・Bunpro N3, Lesson 4

しかしながら - Tobira Chapter 14・Bunpro N2, Lesson 3

いまだに - Tobira Chapter 14・Bunpro N2, Lesson 10

左右さゆうする - Tobira Chapter 14・Bunpro N3, Lesson 10

一応いちおう - Tobira Chapter 14・Bunpro N2, Lesson 1

一応いちおう - Tobira Chapter 14・Bunpro N2, Lesson 2

Thank you for all of your kind words, support, feedback, bug reports and suggestions. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to improve your experience! Cheers!


How is a troubled grammar point defined? Answering incorrectly once?

@rx7 Troubled grammar is grammar that falls below 75% correct answer attempts during your normal review sessions. Cheers!

Edit: Changed from four incorrect answers to below 75% correct answer attempts.


Haha! Perfect timing. I just made a separate Quizlet deck today for the five or six grammar points in N2 that all translate to “can’t help but” or something similar.

I’ll probably try this out tomorrow. Thanks.


Omg I love everything! Thank you for all your hard work! <3

Edit: Op, is the stats page not working? I get an error page.

oops! Should be all fixed now. At least you got to see the new 404 page :crazy_face:


It’s very cute, haha xD

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This is great! There are certain items that I get correct during my reviews, but I don’t feel as if I truly know them. The ability to choose grammar points to “cram” is an excellent addition. Thanks!

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The stats page still returns an “INTERNAL ERROR” error page.

Like the bookmarks but wish I could add them during reviews.

Would also be nice to be able to cram based on my bookmarks


The “Choose Your Cram” is very buggy. I have tried to choose specific grammar points but it reverts to “All Grammar Points” when I choose “CRAM”.

Also for me, when I choose N4 “troubled grammar” the only grammar questions that are being asked are all しか.

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Hi, this looks great. I’m definitely going to be using the bookmarks, as I often need to go back to a specific grammar point.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but, on the stats page under review session, it is showing more than 12 months.

Thanks for all the work you put in.


Yeah I’m having a lot of issues with it too.

It starts off when N5 then when I click N1 it shows that, but for the life of me I can’t get N4-N2 to show. Or even N5 after I click N1.

@BrockPereira Should be working fine now! Please let me know if you keep experiencing issues or not.

@Kayleigh-K Yeah the stats start back in April of last year for everyone which is why it shows those months.

@musera Thanks for the feedback. We are still figuring out how best to do them in reviews. In cram, you can see your bookmarks on the tiles and just select those one to cram.

@Leyline I am looking into this. I don’t know what might be causing it.


Ooh! Love the troubled grammar feature. Getting a grip of what you’re having trouble with is really important imo. Also the bookmarks are great! Haven’t used the cram function yet, but maybe in the future when I’ll attempt a JLPT (maybe).


Just checked it out, everything seems to be working great. I’ll continue to mess around with it and let you know. Thanks


Thanks for the cram rework, guys! I’ve been plagued by some pesky grammar points for months so that’s exactly what I needed. :+1:


@Pushindawood For the troubled grammar section, can you add some kind of indicator for what percentage we got right? I have a lot more there than I expected, but I don’t know how bad they are.


Excellent! Was asking for this for a long time. Very happy to see it finally implemented.


Great update! Those features are gonna be really useful.

Edit: For the next update, please implement a feature that stops me from being lazy =)