Marketing Idea for Bunpro

So the question is, at what pace, would someone be able to complete N5 to N1?

This, then, depends on the amount of reviews and lesson that one adds…

So, what could a reasonable rate be defined as?

For example, with Wanikani’s default SRS system, they claim that one can learn 2000 kanji and 6000 vocab words in just over year.


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In comparison the WK, you can probably add every lesson from N5-N1 in an hour :laughing: Or better yet, you can click “I know this” and have it completed within the trial period! :cloud_with_lightning::fire::bunprogold:

According to the group page, no one has actually maxed out their experience points.

It’s a just a marketing ploy IMO. In a year or so, you can get a L60 badge that shows you had a min guru level for kanji but still have a gigantic pill of SRS to complete that no one mentions. Arguably the SRS level completion is the most important part, not the number of lessons added.

I thought the best marketing angle for BP in the level of autonomy here. If you want to start N3 material today, you can do it now (you don’t have to wait MONTHS to get to your actual target material). Contrary, a true beginner can take a book path of their choosing and have a more handholding approach. It’s really hard to please both groups but I they did a great job here.

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I think SRS for vocab is far more effective than for grammar. I’ve been using Wanikani as my primary learning resource, and while SRS alone without reinforcement doesn’t make you instantly learn everything, it is still enormously helpful. Whereas with Bunpro, the grammar fails to sink in even at a much slower pace than WK. Or equivalently, the maximum rate at which you can “learn” grammar is much lower. You really have to see it in action a lot for it to stick well.

Learn 2k kanji in a year might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I can confirm that eight months of WK is enough to make kanji basically a non-issue when reading.


Purely from the numbers standpoint, if you added 2 new grammar points a day, you could finish adding N5 thru N1 in one year (12 months 3 weeks)…
And if you include the time to reach Level 12 on all grammar points, then you’re talking like 2 years.

…BUT, but, but, as others have said, studying grammar is a different beast than studying vocab. Even that leisurely pace has to be paired with something else – reading, tutors, videos, blogs, etc. It takes time and practice to have the concepts sink into your brain, and some concepts are definitely harder than others.

Given the data they have, it would be interesting to see something like 1) the average time people take to finish adding all the points from a given N level, and 2) the average time to reach Levels 9, 10, 11, 12 from that same N level.


Doing WK in a year is possible but a huge time investment; I did it and spent around 1.5hr per day. I also forgot nearly all of it since I couldn’t continue with that workload.

On the other hand, I spent about 10 minutes per day on Bunpro and make it from L5 through L2 in a year without much stress, and still know the majority of the grammar.

Don’t go fast for the sake of getting it done quicker. It’s more effective to take your time and learn it well.


Inherently, claiming that you can learn xx amount of grammar points in a year is probably always going to be less attractive to a newbie than learning xx kanji/vocab in a year.

It is just how humans work I guess, trying to find the easiest way to “level up” at the start; which seems to be kanji recognition in that context.

Since grammar is the core (and only) product of BP, and I do not think it will change soon (I am not saying this as a criticism btw :D), I would say perhaps more attention needs to be placed on the marketing platform.

  • BP needs more presence on YT. You rarely see BP mentioned in those “How I passed N2 in a year!” videos. It is always Kanzen master etc. In 2020, you need such a presence in order to attract new and young users.
  • Perhaps also more promotions on platforms like Reddit? eg. the supposed upcoming year end sale
  • Could also try and get into the FAQs of the resource section in Discord channels etc

Just my humble 2 cents! (don’t kill me BP masters)

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I also think that Bunpro did a great job here with the customization ability.

not marketing idea related XD

@thirdtimesthecharm and @FredKore’s comments have helped me realize that up until recently, I’ve studied very little grammar apart from Bunpro.

I’ve heavily relied on manga and anime to learn N5 to N4 grammar, and I’m less familiar with some of the N3 grammar, so I’m considering maybe taking a path if points start not sticking as well, especially the honorific keigo ones.

Kudos to @fjdksleiwoqp for their reply; last night I was thinking about possible paths since I really wanted to see my N3 bar full…
I tried reading some raw manga yesterday to imagine what it’d be like to know N2 grammar so I wouldn’t have to look up a ton of grammar points that I have trouble identifying currently.
Bunpro really has changed my implicit memory of Japanese grammar into explicit memory, and given reason as to why X makes sense in Japanese grammar.

To add to @Juppy’s bullet points, I think that Bunpro could benefit from some sort of mascot. Wanikani has their own unique mascot, which has aided in creating in-community jokes, gags, and overall, bringing an online community together.

Not really sure where to start though :sweat_smile:
Are there any animals in Japanese that start with ぶ or ぶん?

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Probably something between 18 months and 2.5 years. I feel like that is a reasonable time…

I only have 40 grammar points left or so to “add to reviews”… It has taken me 2 years to get to this point… (I make notes on every grammar point and use books / websites for extra sentences or explanations in Japanese)

It would really depend on the person, free time, and what their goals are, their Japanese ability before starting Bunpro and so on… Like @fjdksleiwoqp said, there is no point to blaze through everything :slight_smile:


Well there’s 豚/ぶた. Perhaps cutesy pigs like the ones in Monster Hunter to replace the current stamps. Or a pig wearing a shirt/Cape that say 文.

I kid


As far as marketing goes, I wish they’d just fix the lag during reviews. That’s the only reason why I don’t recommend Bunpro to everyone. It’s just so frustrating to actually use Bunpro.

Someone commented recently that it might be related to specific scripts or plug-ins that you have.
The only lag I see is a second or two during initial loading of reviews.

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ブーブー文プロ! :pig:

(FYI for anyone, ブーブー is “oink oink“)


People here have already disproved that by trying in different browsers, without extensions, etc. It doesn’t seem to be script or browser related.

P.S. I made this comment in the middle of a review session on Bunpro because it suddenly lagged enough that I got bored and switched tabs.

To be fair, they have kept the price very low since their launch while adding a lot of content since then ($30/yr vs. $90/yr WK just a comparative example as a response to the state of platform). But the slow review, I could see how that would be frustrating (have not seen it though)

But I’ve had performance issues as well, mainly notes will not save and the WK API is not correct. The guru threshold hasn’t matched for me, I get blocked furigana for kanji I’ve never reviewed sometimes and certain sessions I can’t click on the hidden furigana to reveal it at all. Aside from some other desired features, I am overall happy with the system though.

Hopefully all the technical issues are fixable. I got a cryptic survey a few months ago on Bunpro. I hope it continues going forward, it’s been so integrated in my studies for the last few years and I consider it invaluable. And I see alot more users every year so I think there will a healthy consumer base to keep growing.


I am also surprised that they have not increased the price since 2018 when even N3 was not even complete.

But I guess price increases is always a touchy topic. Back when BP first changed from a free to paid service, the subreddit thread went crazy. I personally don’t understand why but I can imagine it may have affected the creators.

But I digress


Cue かわいい slogan

like Discord’s ディスコード

Now we need a picture/gif to go with it and we’re set~~
Maybe like Clannad’s Botan?