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On the third one, I am very confused by the use of 一度 and 二度. At one point the husband says “二度寝が最高だよ”, which the “translation” claims means "Sleep-ins are the best!” Which confuses me. In the earlier sentence it seems that 一度 refers to the singular instance in which his eyes are awake but he won’t get out of bed. So does 二度 refer to him continuing to lie in bed even after that happens a second time?

二度寝 means “going back to sleep (e.g. after waking up in the morning)​”. So the 一度目is indeed the first occurence of him waking up (as in getting out of the sleep state), and the 二度寝 means he’s going back to sleep after being awakened by the sun.

Full sentence translation, should you want/need it


Rought : Husband : Early rising is (emphatic sentence ending)! Me (topic)first occurence (subject) even if awaken, getting up never happens. Going back to sleep (subject) the best is (emphatic sentence ending)
Natural : Husband : You wake up early! I also wake up for a moment, but I don’t get up! Going back to sleep is the best!

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this makes so much sense, thank you very much for the detailed answer.