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I think I found a typo in 彼女実家.


I think 話て should be 話して.

If it’s not a typo is this a case of する (well in this case it would just be し its 連用形) being omitted? I don’t know if it’s even possible to omit する in a situation like this.

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Switching back and forth between kanji spelling and hiragana spelling – that’s weird, right?
Also, isn’t the kanji spelling more common in formal documents?

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Hey @FredKore !

It does seem weird, but this is not too uncommon for people to do. Sometimes people will use kanji, sometimes hiragana. The reason for this is just to keep a ‘good balance’ between kanji and hiragana, but this ‘good balance’ is decided by what the writer thinks is a good balance. Since 沢山 is an 当て字, on official or formal documents, たくさん should be written in hiragana.

I hope that clears it up!

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