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Why is there an annotation on the sentencem 「これは私です。」Is it something to do with the sentence or just meant for the whole passage.

I don’t know why (これは私です。) is even in the paragraph. Like when I first read it, I thought that it was going to finish introducing the narrator :confused: (これは私です、私の名前は___です。ect.) but guess not. But that is not really important and this website is really useful and dope! :slight_smile:

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You can always click on the notes button to see eventual additional information (see screenshot)

The これは私です。is to make it clear that this is describing a picture, because you wouldn’t use “これは私です” to start your self-introduction.


yo i didn’t even see that thanks :+1:t5:


Is this correct? I was taught to only use これ・それ・あれ with inanimate objects, and to use この人・こちら・この方かた with people (for politeness reasons).

In the reading 《家族の写真。》using これ makes sense because the speaker is talking about a picture.

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I never even knew there was a reading area!!



The usage you’re describing is correct! Although you can use これ too, so I wouldn’t say that you can only use it that way.

Using これ in this context gives the meaning of “This here is my friend”, being more casual than rude.

A way to scale this would be to call someone “こいつ”, although this is more rude hands down.

Hope this helped!

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