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In the English translation of スポーツも勉強も

OK! I’m looking forward to it!(4)

is supposed to be (3) instead of (4)


I understand this intuitively, but which grammar point is this using specifically?

From my perusing, it appears to be this one:

But this is N4…

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Yes, that grammar point is being used in what you quoted.

But this is N4…

The N5 readings do include grammar points that are categorized for the higher levels.


@Jake @Asher is N4 grammar in N5 reading by design? If it is, I don’t undertsand the design.

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Hi there!

The grammar being used is supposed to only be grammar that is in that specific level. It is possible that a few very minor things made it through that are considered a tiny bit higher level, but the level difference itself would be marginal, as there is no β€˜set’ JLPT order.

We do apologize for the inconvenience of coming across something that you were not familiar with yet. The most likely scenario is that the writer combined two grammar points that already have been taught, not realizing that it creates a new grammar point when combined.

This is more likely to happen in N5 than anywhere else, as it is sometimes difficult to create full conversations that use such a limited range of grammar. We will continue to pay attention to this and try to make sure it happens as infrequently as possible! :bowing_man:

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