N5 Reading Practice Update May 31st 2024

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well! I’m here with an update to the N5 Reading Practices!

We’ve recently gone through and updated the existing reading practices for the N5 level and added some new ones as well! These were all written by our amazing native speakers to help show how the N5 grammar can be used in a variety of situations.

Some of these updates are minor adjustements to make sentences more natural, while others change the structure of the passage to fit better into the N5 category.

As with previous reading practices, each lesson will have its own dedicated discussion post where we encourage you all to ask questions and share your thoughts on the passages.

For those of you already past N5, worry not! Work on updates and additions to the N4 and above levels are already well underway and will also be coming soon!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, ask away and don’t hesistate to tag me! Keep up the hard work everyone! :call_me_hand:


Thanks for reminding just when I’d forgotten about it!
Now to remember about it long-term, if only you could remind again after 1 month, then after another 2 months, then 4 months, 1 year, etc … :laughing:


We were actually thinking about some combination of onsite notification or opt in email when you finish a specific unit to go checkout the reading passages :+1:


This is actually quite an interesting idea, now that you mention it

The general ‘feature’ of scheduling ‘reminders’ for particular ‘tasks/items’ according to some ‘progressive schedule’ (i.e. adjusting the time to next reminder based on feedback from current ‘item review’) – which is obviously a core feature of SRS systems – doesn’t necessarily need to be used strictly for ‘flashcard’-style reviews. In theory, such scheduling could be used for just about any kind of ‘reminder’ for any kind of ‘task/item’ you could think of.

So, perhaps it’s not even a strange idea to have an SRS scheduling system to remind one about something like ‘Review Bunpro’s Reading Exercises’, or any other general ‘task/item’ one could imagine (in principle), after all!

Since Bunpro already has at least one implementation of ‘split’ review queues (vocab vs. grammar; including option to merge them), in theory it could also have an arbitrary number of such queues, even ‘custom’ ones specified by the user. So, in principle, it’s not too hard to imagine having a separate queue for ‘general tasks/items/reminders’ such as '‘Review Bunpro’s Reading Exercises’, or any other general item one could imagine.

(Or, of course, instead of making them completely general and amorphous, they could also be introduced as Bunpro-specific item-types, such as a specific ‘Reading Review’ item which only serves that specific function. But the point is that the general concept/feature of such a generalized SRS queue would still be a potentially useful feature, even if it’s used only to extend the site with specific new queue types and/or item types.)

I wonder what other ways the general SRS-scheduling concept can be applied for practical benefit in general? I bet that people using Anki (which is quite customizable already) have come up with a bunch of novel use cases for it, for example.

So far (in this thread) we have:

  • standard SRS flashcards,
  • reminders to check out certain features (Reading Practice)

Anyone think of any others off the tops of their heads?

(Sorry, don’t mean to derail the thread! :sweat_smile: Just hoping for a quick brainstorm around this idea. If needed can split this off into a separate thread.)


This dedication to continuous improvement is a huge reason I love Bunpro, and especially all the great folks in the Bunpro Team (@moderators ) I keep saying this, but I feel like I can’t say it enough. It’s really a ‘stand out’ quality of this company and their products. It’s why I readily recommend BP whenever the topic comes up (and not just for grammar anymore; I often recommend it for vocab, too!).

Just want to reinforce and remind you guys:


:bunprogold: :partying_face: :confetti_ball:


P.S. I ‘feel’ that お疲れ様です is more appropriate here since it is on-going work being done, rather than お疲れ様でした, which I think implies thanks for work that has been completed. Am I on the right track here?

P.P.S. I used the ‘moderators’ tag to represent ‘the Bunpro Team’, because I wasn’t sure if there was a more appropriate one. Is there? Or is ‘moderators’ the correct tag to address the overall ‘team’ as a whole?


Love this idea! I really like the reading practice stuff, but I’m constantly forgetting it’s there :frowning: the option for a nudge would be super!


Thank you for the continued updates :smiley:


woohoo! I should be doing more reading practice especially since I’m already here.


Hi, where can i find the n5 stuff?

You click on the Practice tab, then Reading Practice. It’s at the top

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Ohhh, I see, thank you <3