New Grammar! Non-JLPT - 26th April 2024

Hi All! :wave:

This is a little announcement about the first batch of new grammar that we have put on the site, and some plans that we have going forward with the grammar in general.

:mag: What’s New? :mag:

We have added a set of grammar points that include several that were missing from the N-Levels, and many that are Non-JLPT. This ‘Non-JLPT’ label will be important as we go forward, as we have chosen to avoid the name ‘N0’, due to it possibly giving the impression that the grammar points are harder than N1. Realistically, many of them are very easy, but simply not included as part of standard JLPT grammar learning flow.

Here’s a list of what we have added this time around.

ぞ Particle
ぜ Particle
わ Particle
い Particle
ん (Slang)
つ (Slang)

As you may be able to see from this list, for our first batch of post-N1 grammar, we have chosen to add things that have the highest value as a priority. Many of these structures will be things that you have seen in various forms of media in the past, as almost all of them are exceptionally common.

For the several that are actually JLPT grammar, they are already available in their respective grammar decks to study!

:tv: Non-JLPT :tv:

There are many common structures in Japanese that are not officially considered part of, or incorporated into the JLPT grammar lists. However, this does not mean that they are not valuable to learn. Going forward, we will be adding more and more grammar into this Non-JLPT list to Bunpro, with a focus on adding the more common ones before we start to tackle some of the far less common grammar points.

Non-JLPT grammar does not have its own deck yet, but we are working on getting it set up as soon as possible! Until such time, the grammar points are all fully functional, and you can add them directly to your review queues from the links provided in this post! :partying_face:

:railway_track: Moving Forward :railway_track:

We have a big list of grammar that we would like to continue releasing in batches throughout this year, with somewhere between 15 to 20 new grammar points being the goal each time. Ideally we would like to have released around 100 by the end of 2024.

We will continue to focus on releasing things in batches of priority/commonness, so that users are able to incorporate them into their studies as something that is actually useful first and foremost. As many of the grammar points in this first release are so common, we will be adding them into things like the bookclub decks as well, considering many of them show up very quickly, and may provide a challenge for those who have never seen them before, especially the slang structures!

Important note - As ‘Non-JLPT’ is not something that we consider to be part of the standard learning path on Bunpro, we have put an emphasis on creating easy to understand sentences, rather than focusing too heavily on using other grammar on Bunpro in the sentences as well. Due to this, anything in the Non-JLPT deck will only ever use grammar that is N5, N4, or in the first few lessons of N3. This will mean that many users can tackle the content, without having to be too high in level as a prerequisite! :tada:

As Always!

A big thanks to everyone that has provided feedback about the type of extra content they would like to see on Bunpro, and we hope that a lot of the things that we will be adding this year are going to be of really high value in terms of allowing people to dive straight into native content, without any ‘grammar surprises’ lurking in the first few pages/scenes!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! :desert_island:


cool nice job looking forward to doing these. always good to have more to study


Great, because especially in manga and anime, loads of things don’t follow the style of sentences found in the JLPT! :laughing:


I’m really looking forward to the Non-JLPT decks! It’s great to see progress being made on these.


Btw just a heads up that we will also be adding audio to these as soon as we can! :blush:


This is a great step forward, thank you very much. Once i get through the N2 and N1 decks I can get started on these. By then hopefully we have audio too!


Woohoo, ~やがる was certainly one I was surprised not to find in bunpro when I looked it up a while ago.


excellent news! I think non-jlpt grammar is just as important


I notice that the 使い方/詳細 sections are empty for these new grammar points.

EDIT: in fact during study time the hints are also not set, which makes it pretty hard to review these new points IMO.


This is awesome. My goals don’t necessary include the JLPT-- but maybe one day. Thanks Bunpro team, as always! Love to see new content. :sparkling_heart:

edit: Seconding that this will be great for native content, as well!


Thanks so much!!!


Always appreciative of the BunPro team’s work. Thank you so much! :pray:


Amazing! I am looking forward to new grammar points! お疲れ様です


Will get these set up and added asap :+1:.


Manganime deck is coming? わくわく


These look really good, every addition makes me even more happy I bought lifetime with you guys!


This is extremely helpful! I’d love to see as much slang added as possible, because reading native material feels like a different language at times because of it. Not to mention trying to watch a YouTube video full of it.


Where can we browse them? I can check the new grammar items from the provided links such as ぞ Particle but there’s no category in lessons that contains them. Or am I missing something? Or they will be added to lessons with their own category and I’m just a bit too hasty looking for them? :sweat_smile:


This is great, can’t wait to get started on these!
Doing the jump to native media can feel pretty discouraging when you start encountering all kind of slang ending particles, contractions and different forms that can make it feel like you haven’t studied any grammar at all :sweat_smile:

So having something to use as a reference will be really useful


These are also missing from several of the grammar points in N1 lesson 10, FYI.