New Landing Testimonials

Hi everyone! :maple_leaf:

This is just a quick announcement to let you all know that we are planning on updating the testimonials that currently reside on our landing page (the landing page itself will also get some TLC!).

One of the biggest reasons Bunpro has grown so steadily over the last few years has been due to users consistently recommending us to other Japanese learners. :bowing_man:

Starting any language journey can be extremely overwhelming, so new learners put great emphasis on taking advice from people who have already been through the same struggles that they are about to face themselves.

This leads to the main point of this post. We would like to add new testimonials from users that are currently using the site to our landing page. We believe that highlighting your experience will help new users, checking out Bunpro for the first time, have a better idea about what we offer and encourage them to try it out.

Your testimonial could be about a wide variety of things, whether you managed to attain a certain JLPT certificate with the help of Bunpro, are able to more confidently digest native content, have been able to start enjoying reading books or manga, have become comfortable talking to your Japanese friends, or even if you just love a specific aspect of what the site does, we would be thrilled to be able to share your experience using Bunpro with the rest of the world.

If you’d like to be a part of this, please click here (or send us an email at [email protected]) and let us know in a couple sentences how Bunpro has helped you achieve your personal learning goals.

Thanks as always to the best community out there! :partying_face:

Naturally, you will be able to request the removal of your testimonial from the website at any stage should you choose to do so for whatever reason.

Also, while we may not be able to use all the testimonials we receive, rest assured the team will read them all for further encouragement in what we do every day! :relaxed:


This alone is a testimonial to BP’s ‘fundamentals’ :muscle: – the fact that it has a very strong word-of-mouth recommendation base. In my experience, this kind of phenomenon is difficult to earn, and thus when earned it becomes quite a reliable marker for when a product/service is good and worth it.

Keep focusing on cultivating this market of ‘customers so satisfied they readily recommend’, and Bunpro will have a strong, healthy business for the foreseeable future. Go Team Bunpro! :partying_face:

Unfortunately, due to my crippling perfectionism, I’m currently feeling some anxiety about submitting my own ‘official’ testimonial, so I’m going to hold off on it for now. (Argh! :weary::man_facepalming:)

But I think this announcement/request is a really fantastic idea. I expect you’ll get some great testimonials, especially with all the recent major improvements to the site/system. I’ll keep this in mind, and hopefully sometime in the future I’ll feel confident enough to submit my own! :sweat_smile:


I definitely want to do this! Myself got convinced to start on Bunpro from pure recommendations.


I’d love to put in a good word (I have in some part in another thread), but I think I’ll wait until after JLPT since if I pass that would probably be a good thing to include.


I’d love to contribute!


It’s hard for me to come up with something on the spot, but I have praised bunpro many times here on the forums, especially for the team’s responsiveness to feedback.

Feel free to use any text from my past posts if you like!


Hmm, I don’t have one but I do have a thought. I’d say looking for a more casual testimonial is probably not a bad idea. The ones you have currently are on the stiff side, but this website is pretty casual if you ask me. We’re looking at scribbles not bank sheets (although you could argue bank sheets are just scribble papers too) over here!


Ditto! I’ll definitely give a fair review once I’ve advanced more in my grammar. At the moment I’m just letting the SRS does its work while being in this foggy upper beginner level.

Sorry for the tag from another thread, but I think the last bit in @Sidgr comment is a great addition to the New Landing Testimonial, as I feel the same way about Bunpro. He has a nice profile photo for the testimonial page too! On the other hand, I’m too camera shy. :expressionless:


Hey thanks friend!

I don’t mind throwing my hat in, I was drafting a testimonial. I have been a Bunpro zealot for years now haha.


@Jake Might the life-time subscriber figures be of use as well. “93.45% of users take out a life-time subscription they’re that convinced of the value” type of thing… obviously if the number isn’t impressive, don’t use it, or lie… either’s good.


We’re allowed to lie? This will be terrific for marketing!


If you’re allowed to lie, then we are also allowed to write something totally wrong during reviews and get it marked correct :innocent:


Now just sign here … :japanese_ogre:


If you aint lying you aint trying