New User's Guide?


Is there an intro or something explaining how this site works?
I’m used to WK personally.
What are the levels/xp representing?
Do i just keep hitting study until there’s nothing left then plow through reviews?
How is it structured? What’s a Ghost Review?
All that jazz.
Thanks )

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The page helped get me started, but I still stumble around. I wish I could find a similar resource for interpreting the stats page. The trackers are self-explanatory, but I don’t get how the streak graph is calculated.


There’s also the FAQ: Bunpro FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Currently there’s discussion going on about a new guide if you’d like to take part on this thread: Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request


You should do your reviews whenever they are available (in other words: after the SRS decides that you should see that grammar point again). Don’t study too many new grammar points at once or you’ll soon be overwhelmed with reviews. Only hit study when you still have time after you’ve finished all your reviews.


A few more answers here: