Option to review lower SRS levels first

In Wanikani, I am able to use Reorder Ultimate 2 to always attempt the latest levels at the first go.
In Bunpro that does not seem to exist since we can pick the grammar points ourselves.
However, can there be an option to stage the lower SRS levels first?

For example, in the morning I would study 1 or 2 new grammar points on the train to work.
Then in the afternoon, I probably just have some time to review a few points, and ideally want to SRS the new points in this time gap.
However, they end up buried in a pile of 20-30 reviews!
This makes me miss the 4-6 hour interval gap and I can only go back to them around 8pm when I have return home from work.
This is unlike Wanikani where I could just do the current level items and then end my session for the afternoon (if I have no time).
Is there a way for new or lower SRS levels to have a higher priority in the review queue? It would be good for people with busy schedules.


I like this idea for an option. Especially if it could be flipped the other way around as well, whit the highest interval points first.


I see its an old idea, but did this ever happen? is there a way of achieving this?
I would love to be able to do this, in order to better digest my review pile.

For future people lost in the same question, the feature has indeed been implemented!
Explanation here: