Orange highlighting in prompts?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just started using Bunpro (N5), and noticed that some words in prompts are highlighted in orange, e.g. 毎日 in “私は毎日__。[歩く]”.

What’s this about? The html class seems to be chui – does this refer to 注意, i.e. is just meant to draw attention to a particular part of the prompt?



Hi @dpn, Bunproへようこそ! When words are in orange like that, they are hints as to the specific grammar construct Bunpro is looking for. In particular, orange means part of the grammar is already given for you (and you need to supply the rest). You might also see blue. These are contextual clues about the expected grammar, but are not part of the wording Bunpro wants in the answer.


Thanks, that makes sense. I would have guessed as much, actually – I suppose I didn’t quite understand why the highlighting was chosen in this case, though, given that, according to my novice understanding, it isn’t that 毎日+dictionary form would be a particular construction, but the point is more that present tense is used to make any kind of “habitual” statement (e.g. also with いつも).


Yeah, if the grammar point was about the basic form of verbs then the idea would be conveying habitual action. I think in that case, the 毎日 is intended to be a hint about this habitual nuance. I’d be inclined to agree about the color choice in this case, assuming that I have correctly inferred the colors myself! :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, this color-coding is not part of the FAQ or Help. There is this:

but that’s in reference to the nuance hints, not the highlighting in the sentence itself.