OUR BIGGEST RACE YET! A Gourmet Race Around Japan

Hello everyone!

I’m very excited to announce our biggest race yet:
The Gourmet Race Around Japan!

I texted @Asher a while ago to say that I’d had a brainwave. I can’t really contribute in many ways, but there is something that I do actually know quite a lot about, and that’s food! I’m really excited to finally have my own little section to look after, so let’s make it a success together!

We will start the race in Sapporo, Hokkaido and work our way through each and every prefecture until we get to Naha, Okinawa. When we get to the capital of each prefecture, I will write about the famous products (名物めいぶつ) of that prefecture.

I have prepared products to write about for each prefecture, but if you live, or have lived in a prefecture and you know more about the local products than me, please send me a private message to make sure that your local speciality is on the list. I know a lot about Japanese food culture, but I haven’t been everywhere so individual knowledge is very much appreciated.

The object if the race is to earn money for your train journeys between the capitals of each prefecture. One review is worth 1 yen. We are using shinkansen, limited express trains, etc. to travel in luxury. They don’t have a train to Okinawa, so let’s get a cheap flight.

So, are you ready for our biggest race so far?

Here we go…

  • In total, 253,360 yen.

  • Each review is worth 1 yen, so we need a total of 253,360 reviews.

  • Every participant will receive an additional unique and really cool badge!

How to join:

Reply to the last post in this thread with the following

Current Count + Your Reviews = The New Current Count

Optional, if posting reviews more than once a day

Current Count + (Your Reviews (Day 1) + Your Reviews (Day 2) + Your Reviews (Day n)) = The New Current Count

This is a community effort! So your number should always be added to the person who posted before you. For example -

12,020 (community total) + (3 reviews in this case) = 12,046

We are starting today, so do not add reviews done earlier than today!



We’re starting in Sapporo, Hokkaido, so here’s the famous products from there!


Sapporo Miso Ramen 札幌味噌ラーメン

Hokkaido consistently ranks first in the food rankings in Japan, so let’s start in Sapporo for a bowl of miso ramen to warm you up in Hokkaido’s freezing climate. There are so many famous ramens in Japan – wherever you go, the locals will always tell you about their local ramen. It is typically made with yellow, curly noodles and a rich miso soup, but various restaurants compete with their own variations.

Genghis Khan ジンギスカン

Although yakiniku is extremely popular in Japan, lamb is more difficult to come by. Genghis Kahn restaurants can be found all over Japan, but it actually comes from Hokkaido. On entrance to the restaurant, you are presented with a dome-shaped hot plate with vegetables around the outside. The middle part is to grill your meat. Dip it in the original sauce and enjoy it with its unique taste and soft texture. If lamb isn’t to your taste, you can still join in the fun with chicken, rice, vegetables, etc.

Shishamo Bowl ししゃも丼

A “don” or “donburi” is basically a bowl of rice with something placed on top of it. A “shishamo” is a small smelt fish that can be eaten whole. Hokkaido is famous for this fish, so naturally it’s very popular with rice and onions. There are plenty of varieties, from raw, right down to deep-fried. Shishamo is seen as “Hokkaido’s fish”, making it very special, since Hokkaido is already very famous for seafood.


It’s pretty expensive to get from Sapporo, Hokkaido, to Aomori City, Aomori. We’re going to need 14,560 yen! Let’s go!


Be sure to put your clothes in a plastic bag or a different room if you eat ジンギスカン because they are going to smell like meat until the end of time if you don’t.


I think they might have a no-nakedness policy…


I meant coat/shirt, but to be honest naked ジンギスカン now seems like the best idea because of how much water it would save on washing your clothes afterwards.


Ahhhh, food! :smiley: And going by train! :smiley: I like this one :smiley:
Ok, lemme start humble.
0 (community total) + 1 (my review) = 1


1 (community total) + 15 (my reviews) = 16 :yum:


16 (community total) + 11 (my reviews) = 27


27 (community total) + 27 (my reviews) = 54


I love this idea, I have been wanting to know more about Japanese cuisine but just didn’t know where to even start and this seems like a really good starting point.


54 (community total) + 39 (my reviews) = 93


93 (community total) + 45 (my reviews) = 138


@Ochamame @Pain thank you very much for your comments. I’ll try my best!


I tried Genghis Khan not long ago after missing the UK’s availability of lamb, haha. Soooo good.

138 (community total) + 60 (my reviews) = 198


198 (community total) + 181 (my reviews) = 379


I love the idea, japanese food is so interesting!

379 (community total) + 4 (my reviews) = 383


@severian I might go tonight… I really want it now…
@sakuchu Thanks so much for the comment, and welcome to the community!


Do you add the reviews you have to do or the reviews you have done?


Only reviews you have completed today :smiley: