Paths and New Year Sale!


Yes those grammar points will be added :grinning:


@josephspoelstra Thank you for your feedback. That is great to hear! Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to improve your experience. Cheers!

@gavia Thank you for your feedback and question! We have the second みんなの日本語 all set up and hope to take it live very soon. We also hope to start adding the missing grammar points that appear in other various resources to Bunpro soon. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


Thanks! Great work so far :smile:


I’ve noticed that you have added the 新完全マスター文法 series for some N2 items :slight_smile: Any idea when it will be completed? Purely curious :grin:


I gave my feedback in this over at WK, really glad you’re moving development in this direction :slight_smile: Just curious though, what work do you need to add a textbook to the paths system? Do you just need a lesson order, because if so I’d be more than happy to provide the first three JFZ books lesson order, or does it need a lot more work than that? :slight_smile:


I’d also throw in a nod to JFZ. I’m not currently using the books because I’m not currently using any books outside what my Japanese university is telling me to use, but I like George and Yukari and the stuff they put together.

Sorry, slightly off-topic. Thanks for the sale! I’m probably gonna bite this time. Seeing how well you guys have supported the site has made the difference, and since you pro-rate existing time, I don’t feel like I lost out on my initial subscription either. Thumbs up!


@jprspereira We are currently going through all of the content on the site, fixing sentences/audio, adding additional resources/reference notes, and getting the rest of N2 sentences set up so that each grammar point has 12 example sentences and 12 study questions. Once we have feel we have ironed out as many kinks as we can and have added the additional N2 content we will be able to place more focus on offline resources and Paths. Thank you for your patience! Cheers!

@jsroberts92 Thank you for your comment. Before we set up a Path for a textbook we would like to have all of the page numbers (precise page where the grammar point appears) and lesson information for each grammar point set up and available in Readings. To do this we need to tie the page and lesson information to the grammar point’s id (the number that appears at the end of the URL of the grammar point). Once all of that information is put in place we need to set up the code to create a specific Paths page and have all of the grammar points on that page redirect to a textbook specific grammar information page or study page that leads to a quiz. So, for each grammar point, the information that we need is Grammar Point (です), ID (2), Chapter (1), Page (42). Cheers!

@Quemaqua Thank you for your comment! We will see what we can do about adding JFZ soon. Thank you for your kind words and interest in the sale! We hope that we can continue to live up to your expectations. Cheers!


Paths are a brilliant idea. I use Tae Kim for understanding Japanese grammar personally, and would love to see a ‘Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide’ path implemented. Just giving my thoughts.

Thank you Bunpro!


@June Thank you for your feedback and suggestion! Adding online resources to Paths is a solid idea. After we have added the textbook portion of Paths we can look into implementing online resource Paths. Cheers!


I love you. That is all.


We love you too! :heart:


I feel like expansion of paths is going to be hotly requested, as it really takes an already awesome site and makes it truly brilliant. As per my previous request about Minna no Nihongo, can you also extend support for the intermediate books? (I say this as someone that’s at the very end of beginner book 2!)


@gavia That is certainly doable! We hope to cover as many paths (pun intended) as possible so that everyone can benefit. Stay tuned. Cheers!


That is good to hear. I was just looking for the right place to post that as a feature request.
I’m currently at chapter 2. Let’s see if I manage to finish the book first or you guys add it as a path. The race is on :wink:


I’ve had lifetime since the day, possibly hour, it was made available :wink:
But not been focusing on grammar again till now =P

I LOVE this new feature! As soon as I noticed I changed my path to Genki, which I’m currently working my way through! =D

I see more will come =)
I basically collect Work books and study materials =P

The one’s I’ve done the most in, and would love see added, is Japanese From Zero. I’ve finished the first book and done a bit of book 2, own 4 of them :wink:

Second is Japanese The Manga Way. I’ve read through it, and tried making my own flash cards. I would love to have what it covers easily put in to the SRS =)

Right now all my focus is on Genki, and will try get through Genki 1 and 2 within the year, and continue doing the others as well (especially finish the Zero series). Doing all will give lots of repeats and different way of explaining things, so hopefully it will help make it all stick :wink:

My collection: ( Genki 1 and Zero 2 missing in the photo, since being currently used)

Though I’ll focus more on Genki, which is already added, I’d love to see any one of these added. I can add items I’ve done to the SRS, since most of these have at least a chapter or two done =P