Paths and New Year Sale!


Introducing Paths

Now you can study what you learn in your textbook right alongside Bunpro, page by page, chapter by chapter, grammar point by grammar point.

Click the star to the right of the screen to make a textbook your primary study resource. The textbook that you add will replace the current Study button so that you are always just a click away from your favorite resource!

Add an entire chapter or choose individual grammar points from each chapter to study and add to your reviews.

Right now we have the second editions of Genki I and II, the second edition of みんなの日本語 I, and Tobira available. We hope to have more textbooks added in the coming weeks/months, so if you don’t see your textbook on the list yet, don’t fret! :smile: We would love to hear what you think about Paths!

Thank you @Andulien for helping us compile all of the みんなの日本語 chapter and page numbers. We really appreciate it!

Search Update

Search now returns both Japanese and English to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

:tada: :confetti_ball: New Year Sale! :confetti_ball: :tada:

For the first week of January Starting December 17th, the Bunpro Lifetime Membership will be available for $120 (normally $150).

This will give you access to all current and future grammar for the lifetime of the site minus the cost of a yearly subscription! If you are upgrading from a monthly or yearly subscription, your account will be prorated for the time that you have not used.

This sale will last until January 7th, 2019.

Make 2019 the year you conquer Japanese grammar! Cheers!

Bunpro Changelog
Bunpro Changelog

Great! I’m definitely going to try the path the next few days :grinning:
Thanks a lot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That is awesome! I have the first three Marugoto books and would be willing help out with numbering and any other help you may need to get that series online.


I joined bunpro just a few days ago and am still euphoric what a great tool it is. I am self-studying Japanese with みんなの日本語, so the Paths feature has arrived just at the perfect time for me.

Definitely going to take advantage of your New Year Sale!


Is there a way to disable multiple choice reviews? I just got my first one and was a bit confused.


Yay!!! :+1:

The search update also looks great. I love how I know can also search easily by resource and get the grammar split up by Chapter. Thanks for the hard work!!!:bowing_man:


This looks great! I’m studying with an integrated approach to intermediate Japanese, so I hope this book is on the upcoming list.


This looks great! Especially the update to search that I’ve already used a few times. Also, yay for sale! Now I have to decide how I’m gonna cover Dec 22 until first week of January!


@Atani Thank you for your comment! We look forward to hearing what you think about Paths. Cheers!

@Sidgr Thank you for your comment and interest in helping us add the Marugoto books. We may very well have to take you up on that offer! We will let you know. Cheers!

@nantoka Thank you for your kind words and interest in the sale! We are glad to hear that Paths looks like something that will be beneficial to your studies. Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. Cheers!

@Kabukiman Thank you for your comment. The review in question is actually the only one on Bunpro and is a remnant of some experimenting that we did when we first started out. We received some positive feedback on this specific review question and chose to just leave it on the site. We apologize for the confusion! There should be no other multiple choice questions in your future reviews. Cheers!

@Andulien Thank you so much for your help! We cannot state enough how much we appreciate it. Cheers!

@lantana Thank you for your comment! An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese is indeed on the list of resources to add to Paths. Stay tuned. Cheers!


Wow, this is great, now I just have to get a decent textbook. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job guys, you’re killing it with all these new additions! :+1:


Studying at a university in Japan, and they’re using 始めよう日本語初級2. No idea if that’s especially common. I’ve just been searching individual grammar points as I go and adding them to my reviews.

That said, I’ve noticed that a lot of the later grammar points feel a bit wonky by comparison. No voice, but also some of the orange bracketed answer cues are missing on most of them. I’m sure you’re aware of this, just throwing it out there that the difference is quite noticeable if you’re skipping around and not doing things in order.

Love what you guys are doing, and glad to hear about the sale. I may well bite on that if I have the money. Keep up the great work!


Edit: FIXED! Looks like there is a bug with the Study Full Chapter button and clicking on the individual grammar tiles to see more information about the grammar. We are working on a fix and you can still use the Select for Study feature to add the grammar points to your reviews. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience! Cheers!

@Liras348 Thank you for your kind words! Let us know if you have any feedback. Cheers!

@Quemaqua Thank you for your feedback. We are currently doing a full comb through of N4 through N3 grammar, so you may come across some inconsistencies in the later levels. Thank you for letting us know and thank you for your interest in the sale. Cheers!


Thank you SO MUCH for this! I’m working through Genki 2 and will study Tobira next. This is a big timesaver.

Hopefully, by the time I’m ready for Tobira, you’ll have the outstanding grammar points up.


Paths are awesome. Thanks!


Wow, this is awesome!

And yay for the sale!!! :confetti_ball:

Also, I have multiple textbooks (such as Nakama) that I would be willing to help out with the page numbering or whatever else you would need for the grammar. :smiley:


@Pushindawood Some quick feedback on Paths:

  • First of all, it looks well put together. I don’t have an immediate need for it, but it’s a really cool feature! If I do start properly using a textbook like Kanzen Master, I’d definitely be interested in this feature.
  • On a book page, each grammar point only shows the Japanese. I think it should show the English when hovering, just like on the main grammar points page.
  • When I opened a grammar point from the Genki 2 page, the grammar point shows the chapter in the top right corner instead of the Bunpro lesson. This is obviously intentional and makes sense, but could you also add a way to quickly see what Bunpro lesson it is? Maybe when hovering over the book chapter you can show the Bunpro lesson?


Great! I would have loved this as I was going through Tobira! Kids nowadays will never know the painstaking amount of work I had to do by searching each grammar point individually and then doing the lesson! (冗談)

I would love to see the Cram feature also have the option of cramming chapters from the different textbooks. :slight_smile:

Oh and 新完全マスター series! I see that you have the N2 book as a reference fro some grammar points but you don’t have a path option.


Really nice work on the path feature. I like it a lot. The idea of building your own path along side your primary textbook really matches my style of learning. Just as a suggestion: Since there are many different text books/study resources around, being able to build (and maybe even share) your own path would be a great addition to this feature in my opinion. Might be a great way to crowd source the paths.


Any chance of getting a “Japanese Ammo with Misa” path? :grin:


I think think both Misa and Tae Kim paths are possible. :+1:

Can’t promise anything though :sunglasses: