Please fix N4 命令形!

Is full of errors! Is asking me to enter nothing as the correct answer… and ovbiously is not possible to enter nothing…


Please help me bump this!!


Usually reporting things like that in the bug report thread is enough:

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I just did that one yesterday and it worked fine. Assuming you attempted to enter ら as the answer, then that’s the wrong answer.

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What Slysoft said. Although I find it confusing as well when part of the word is already in the sentence and belive that is not intended.

Thanks for reaching out. This looks like a data issue. Can you try using the “Reset Data” option in the settings on you app please?

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Thank you for answering Jake! But… still getting incorrect with same error… even after resetting data…

I triple checked the data and it shouldn’t show like that. You may need to reinstall the app to hard reset the local data. Sorry for the trouble!

Fixed! Awesome… Thank you Jake…!

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