"Recently Learned" section on main page

Hi Bunpro team,

Would it be possible to have a recently learned section on the main page? Something like a collapsable small section that shows the last few lessons learned (By default collapsed so it doesnt interfere with a users SRS when they come to do reviews).

Recently Ive found a lot of value in having a quick review of the lessons I learned during the day right before sleep (Mainly reading over the explanations again), currently the best way I can do this is just putting the lessons grammar into notepad and checking them that way.

Thanks as always for your hard work!


I don’t want to give a definitive ‘no’, but even if we were interested in doing something like that, any refreshes to the Dashboard will be taking a backseat for now while other higher prio stuff gets worked on. It’s not a perfect solution by any means, but perhaps you could click the Beginner progress box on the Dashboard and then see all the items under Beginner 2? Should all be at the top of the page since most people don’t have a lot of things sitting at Beginner 1 and (I’m guessing) same goes for Beginner 2, given how short the SRS intervals are.

If that does kind of work for you, let me know if there’s any small tweaks you think would be interesting for the progress area. I know recently I put in a change to have the items inside the Progress levels (Beginner 1, Beginner 2, etc.) be grouped by JLPT level rather than random like we had before. Not sure what else we could quickly add there but like always, open to comments and suggestions :man_artist:


Hi thanks for such a quick response!

This can work for me, would it be possible to add one more column for “First Learned Date” or something similar?

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Potentiallllllly? I’ll have to sleep on it a bit then chat it up with the devs tomorrow. It’s a pretty niche use-case but if we can find a way to add it into the design without making things feel too cluttered, I don’t see why not. Maybe even see if we can make it sortable by highest to lowest value, same with the Accuracy % stat. Again, no promises but for sure something I’ll bring up and see if it’s feasible or not! :man_juggling:


I asked for this as well, so I want to leave my support here. Besides, the workaround Ed gave is WAY better than what I did until now, I’m very glad for the suggestion. :bowing_man:


you can also go to the cram page and under the part labeled 2 content to cram you can navigate to the tab that says special
there is a path named recently learned that can be expanded and scrolled through. From what I can tell, it seems to show items learned within the last 7 days.


Just want to update on this. Been using the Beginner Progress box last thing every night to check up on my most struggled grammar. Has helped a very large amount and I nearly always have at minimum 80-85% review recall rate now, so thanks for sharing that.

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Wanted to thank @EdBunpro and @drunkgome for their tips here. Like @rustx, I was really wanting something I could use to see what I had recently learned. I tend to do much better when I see something a few times the first round and have an opportunity to focus in on items I seemed to struggle with. Both of the tips helped serve different parts of what I was looking for.

So much of learning a new platform, especially one as robust as Bunpro, is just figuring out all the features you don’t know that could be making your experience even better. Appreciate the help!