Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request

Ahhhh I see!
We’re going to make some internal changes to how these work very shortly.

I’ll see if I can make the Example Sentences inside of the Writeup (the lesson section you mentioned) first-class citizens, with Hide/Show buttons + Audio.


That’s very cool to hear, definitely crossing fingers for these. Thanks!

I would love it if whilst doing reviews, when an unfamiliar vocabulary word appears in a sentence, you could click the word which opens a pop up where you could bookmark it or even add it to reviews?

It’s only a small thing as it’s easy to have a separate tab open and search for new words when you come across them, but it would really help with not interrupting the flow of doing reviews.


I think that’s already in the works

Alternatively and in the mean time, you can look into Yomichan to look up the vocab on the same page in a popup without breaking flow



It is back already. Thank you very much! :pray:t2:


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Can we have a Last Studied Point button somewhere? Or even a small history the last points?

One of the very best things I have been doing recently, is re-reading the descriptions of all points at least once. The only problem is the fact that I have to scroll down the grammar points search page until I find the last one I studied. That page loads slowly and has very limited filters.


Also for grammar.

Please could we have a hotkey to toggle furigana when doing reviews?

Ideally, one hotkey which shows all furigana just while the hotkey is held down / being touched, and say the key next to it just doing a straightforward all furigana toggle on/off when pressed.

It’s mainly for after submitting an answer to a review, only then I sometimes want to see the furigana without having to move the pointer over each kanji in turn.


¿Something like this?

If you select ‘Show Kanji’ and the press SHIFT, you can toggle between furigana on and off.


Another vote here to have the Bunpro App automatically switch to Japanese input (Keyboard) method when reviewing with fill-in mode.

(On iOS)

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Speaking of furigana, hide furigana on reading reviews espcially for the vocab word. Sometimes I get a reading question with furigana already visable, with furigana turned off. I’ll take a screenshot next time it happens.

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Would it be possible to allow some kind of line breaks or carriage returns when typing in self-study sentences? I tried copy-pasting in line break characters, of course, but that didn’t work. I’m trying to add some for それなら and there’s no way to do that without multiple speakers in an example sentence, which looks awkward.


Ok. If I click a word to show furigana [when I check answers on reading cards] the word will have furigana revealed if I see it again in the same review session.

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Some kind of way to have notifications when a review is due would be nice

I am using Satori Reader and following their Nutshell Grammar series. Could there be a path from the grammar stuff on there?

After playing around with the different levels of hints, I’ve noticed its nicer have more detailed hints when first learning the cards, but on the more advanced cards it would be better to have less or even no hints. It would be cool if you could set the default hint level for each of the different progress categories. Eg For beginner cards you might pick show hint, For adept maybe you might want nuance translation, and maybe hide it entirely for expert etc.

I find sometimes I know the grammar they want by just seeing the hint, rather than actually working out what grammar will make the sentence make sense. Otherwise I’m loving bunpro ^^


Hey that’s a really cool idea! Adjusting default hint level per SRS level would be a neat feature. I would definitely get some good use out of it

Welcome to the community! :tada::tada::tada:

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Hi, I’m not sure if this has been suggested before but I’d really like to see the meaning of words in the pop up when I click on individual words like in this mockup:

I have difficulty parsing some of the grammar/sentences (especially in longer sentences) and having a feature like this would really help to narrow down my focus without having to activate the translated sentence hint. Yomichan also frequently highlights words wrongly sometimes, so a feature like this (in my eyes) would be really helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:



Not a priority at all, but something to perhaps consider further in the future (just writing now because I will totally forget otherwise!)

I would appreciate a feature to test you on “n” randomly chosen items you have supposedly mastered (you can choose “n”).
Then for each one you get wrong, you have the option of bringing the item down to your chosen SRS level (perhaps there could be a default, which the user can change).
I think I’m not alone in being skeptical of having mastered some things, e.g. some of the vocab “burnt” on Wanikani!


I wrote a detailed response to another user that brought this up in another thread.
You can check it out here.

TLDR; it’s like ~80% of the way there 8)