Reset N5 Vocab has deleted ALL of my grammar progress instead

I decided to try resetting my JLPT N5 Vocab progress, as I am not using Bunpro for vocab.
Selected this option and went back to the homepage to check if it worked.

Now all my grammar progress is gone. N5, N4, and the few N3/N2/N1 grammar points I had. All of it. N5 Vocab is also gone as expected, so at least one thing worked.

I sent a bug report, but the page says that progress cannot be recovered and now I feel extremely disheartened. Not sure if I have the strength to redo all the reviews I had up to the point I was at, seeing 1.5 months of progress gone due to a bug just killed all of my motivation.

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cant you just mark the grammar points as learned?

I think this is what differs from WK.

but it will mark as SRS 12 instead. You won’t see it never again for reviews. But bunpro can modify the info at least to add all that he learned a concrete SRS, it will not be the same, but it is something

Most of my grammar points were at around SRS 7-8, I don’t feel comfortable marking them as known because I won’t be able to review and reinforce them.

I’ll probably just start them from 0 and take another month to get where they were at. It’s just annoying cause now I’ll have hundreds of reviews at a time if I want to catch up with all the old stuff and still add new grammar points to not fall behind.

It is what it is, I’m just glad I found this issue now rather than like 6 months into using the website.

Thank you for reporting this. I am so sorry for the trouble it is causing you. We are looking into this right now.

While the data itself might not be recoverable, we can work with you to get them to a reasonably similar state so that you don’t have to start 100% from scratch.

If possible, I think a feature that allowed us to set a grammar point to a certain interval would be really nice. I’m not sure if other people would be interested in that, but it seems like it might help in situations like these, and I know I’d definitely use it. Just a thought.