Seperating Reviews

I am having difficulty finding the answer about separating sections in reviews. I understand you cannot separate Grammar JLPT levels in review sections (i.e. doing two different levels a

Is there a way to separate grammar reviews from vocab reviews? On my dashboard, there are buttons for grammar review and vocab review with the chart below. The chart shows my progression of the day. I would like to start a vocab deck although I am concerned that it will clump all the vocab with the grammar reviews, and I’d prefer to review them separately. Is this possible? Thank you kindly for any assistance.

Lastly - When reviewing vocab - there is a selection for word order based on the category you choose, such as alphabetical, dictionary, netflix and so on. I’ve changed mine to general hoping for a more random word selection but it still seems to be giving me vocab in alphabetical display. is this a bug?

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Hey! This should help: Reviews 2.0, and a whole lot more! [Beta] - #387 by veritas_nz


You can ~kinda~ separate by JLPT level if you go in the Decks section and click the Review buttons from there. You won’t get your ghosts, though.

I’ve been dumb and frontloaded the entire N5/N4/N3 grammar points just by reading the example sentences, and started doing reviews later, so this is what I do to make it manageable, lol. That way I can get an idea if it wants a fancy grammar point or just です.


Ah I made the same mistake and had to remove quite a bit to make it manageable. Even now its still a lot if I don’t practice every day. But I did find a way to separate the grammar from vocab in the settings. Thank you for taking the time to offer a suggestion!

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That is interesting, I wonder if I could do the same with the Genki guided section, as in just review its points but not make it my primary deck. I am worried that if I start something like that it will all get clumped into my reviews and I’ll have to start from scratch again.

Currently I am just drilling N4 bunpro path, and N4 bunpro vocab path.