Reviews 2.0, and a whole lot more! [Beta]

Tried Reviews 2.0 for the first time today and it looks really nice. I especially love how easy it is to see what you did wrong. Great stuff, keep it up. (Also looking forward to the cram feature at the end of review sessions)


First batch of Vocab fixes are here!


  • Always show furigana for Translate questions if revealing the answer
    • Now if you are revealing the answer for Translation questions (post-attempt for manual-input, clicked “See Answer” for reveal-and-grade), it will always show you the furigana, regardless of your furigana settings
    • @gapl
  • Added a warning, letting users know that questions will default to Translate questions if Fill-in question data does not exist
  • New Reviews created from a Deck not obeying Deck Settings, and defaulting to Cloze (fill-in) type
    • When learning from a Deck, items learnt should now obey the Review Type set in the Deck Settings
    • @kelth
  • Removed user avatar from Summary header to save space
  • Added the “Your Answer” (あなたの答え) section the the Feedback popout
  • Added input-warning if Kana/Kanji detected where English is required
  • Various either minor tweaks

Next on the List

  • Add post-attempt phase to Flashcard (Reveal-and-grade)
    • This in the old Reviews system but not in Reviews 2.0
    • We are discussing internally how this could work in the new Reviews system
    • @gapl

Should “Sorting Order” actually affect the order you learn new words or just change the way the items are visually shown in the list? Right now it’s not affecting the order I actually learn the words. I have the deck sorted by “Novels” but when I go to learn new vocab it’s still in alphabetical order.


This works perfectly for me now, thanks for the quick fix! I’m using “a” to show answer and then either “1” or “2” to progress to the next one. Seamless experience, I love it. Especially with furigana being shown when revealing the answer.

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Is there a way of reviewing the vocab separate from the grammar?

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Hi there and welcome to the forums!

In the Settings menu under ‘General’, you should see this option:

If you select this, your Dashboard will now appear like this:

And you can study each type separately :wink:

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Clicking review under the deck page doesn’t go to your vocab review for that deck it goes to an all the items you learned review. Is it supposed to do that?


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Nice catch. This indeed should be working.
It will be patched in the next update :+1:

Thanks as always for pointing this stuff out kelth!

Hey there is a wired furigana issue with ヶ CleanShot 2023-03-11 at 13.01.56

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Just noticed this ugly color banding on the background gradient on Windows.

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This should now be fixed!
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi there,

This is a Firefox-only rendering issue.
Had a bit of a deep dive into this, and there is no solution we can give apart from potentially replacing the gradient with a background image of the same gradient.

As you can maybe tell, this issue is on our radar, but because of its nature, it’s low on the priority list of stuff to fix. If anyone has any ideas/insider knowledge that could lead to a fix, I can take another look into it.


I changed my ‘main deck’ from Bunpro N3 Grammar to Genki 1 3rd Edition complete… but the ‘Learn’ button at the top is still pulling from the Bunpro N3 Grammar deck…


When I use the regular deck button on the dashboard it works fine though, but that isn’t using beta :frowning:

This is working now thanks!

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I had a similar problem, except it was only the very last review of my session that was marked incorrect. I’m also pretty sure there was a different review that I genuinely did get wrong, but which was marked correct… You win some you lose some?

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback.

The bug ThisIsntTheWay is referring to was a bug that was present when we first released the Beta a month back. This was patched.

I believe the bug you’re referring to is different, and is only related to the Summary page!
I’m still trying to figure out what conditions cause the Summary page to bug out like that (very hard to replicate – lemme know if you got any insight too), but rest assured your SRS progress from the Review session should be correctly maintained :bowing_man:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

I did try out screenshoting the gradient in my Chrome and setting that background to that and it seemed to work, however I’m not sure if would look good at different screen sizes and pixel ratios. Additionally, there was some banding visible if it was resized to fit the height of the window. I’d probably set it the solid gray background for Firefox only and remove the gray step in the correct and fail gradients.

It’s incredible that this bug has been on their tracker for over a decade and no one has fixed it.

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Yeah I was pretty disappointed when I found out about it…
I’ll see what I can do through some media queries!

Thanks again for all the input.

The latest fixes for Reviews 2.0 are here! Mainly these are fixes/updates for Vocab


  • Added a post-attempt phase to Flashcards

    • Added the post-attempt phase (when the BG changes color and you can see the change in SRS)
    • We felt having this would better fit in with the phases of the other question-types
    • Next question can be reached by clicking the Hard/Good button again, or pressing the Enter key
    • Thanks to @gapl for the suggestion

  • Added Undo to Flashcards

    • This allows you to skip back to the pre-reveal state
      • Hotkey is the usual Backspace/Delete
  • Add more visual clues when focusing the text input-field when answering Manual questions

    • Darkened shadow when focusing, arrow turns to the accent color
    • This should help keyboard users visually know when they are able to input text



  • Added the hotkey “Mark as Good/Hard” (for Flashcards) to the Hotkey Guide

    • Also changed the styling of the Hotkey Guide while we were at it


  • Use default browser scroll behaviour if prefers reduced motion
  • Added JLPT/Part-of-speech info to the Vocab header
  • Fixed Reviews not returning the correct data if you specify a Deck (from the /deck/ page)
  • Fixed the strange flash of the previous Grammar Points when Continuing after a Quiz in /learn/
    • This was part of an overall refactor of the Learn system
  • Changed the Flashcard “Good” button icon (was a cross) to a Check :man_facepalming:

Up Next

  • Revamp the Alternate-Answer system for Vocab

Thanks as always to ya’ll who keep giving feedback with the new system.
I see everything in this thread and try to stay on top of it all, so any feedback you have will (at the very least) be considered, if not fixed/implemented.

Until next time!


Oops! That’s what I get for not checking the post timestamp haha.

I unfortunately don’t have any further insight on the Summary page issue, but I took a screen recording of my most recent review session, which also experienced the same bug. (Can’t attach video, so here’s a link if you want one: Not sure if it’ll be helpful or not, but figured it’d be worth a try.

Reviewing the video, there was actually a brief glitch where I gained 600 XP for the session, as opposed to the 1620 XP Bunpro eventually settled on. The たり… たりする grammar point was also missing the second たり in the summary sentence.

Best of luck troubleshooting :slight_smile:

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