Update - Sept 13th [All Questions have Kanji Answers]

Not a fan of answer error highlighting as of now, since it means I automatically get marked wrong for the first wrong answer, even if I subsequently get it right. I’ve never been marked wrong before, since I always get it in the end, so needless to say I’m pretty frustrated. It’s doubly frustrating because this is one of the few times that it was literally just a typo — I accidentally hit the delete key right before I hit the enter key. The first time I ever get dinged and it’s when I didn’t actually make a mistake. And I can’t see any way to fix it after the fact. Very frustrating. So I’m fully in favour of previous suggestions to be able to toggle it.


I noticed that during reviews, for some sentences, cycling through the alternatives no longer wraps around but gets stuck at the last alternative. (So I can only view them once.)


I also want to say that I don’t like the error highlighting update. When I get something wrong I want to be able to think about why I’m wrong and possibly correct myself before I see the correct answer (as was the previous behaviour). I think the error highlighting would be fine if it came up after clicking “show answer”. I’m not sure why this wasn’t how it was already implemented.

Thank you for all your work on the other changes though. They are great.


I don’t know if this is supposed to be the behaviour. I just got an error on purpose that would mark it wrong by highlighting my mistake, then backspaced and “corrected” it. It marked it as correct, increased the SRS level and it still says 100% in my reviews. It does turn red, but if you backspace it’s all a-okay!

I can’t see the benifit of manually triggering the corrections in the middle of a review for me personally. I wouldn’t use it, as currently if I can’t get it after a few tries, then I just press ‘show answer’, then accept it as wrong. So I’m not sure how triggering the correction button would be any different during reviews.

Overall having the option would be good, as others may see a benefit and want to use it, but having the option to turn it ‘off’ in settings or something would certainly be my personal preference, and give people the choice as to how they do their reviews

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i don’t think it’s worth the effort, since it would be useful only for a very small subset of wrong answers

I think having an avatar at all and not being able to customize it in any way is pretty weird. Even if it’s just a selection among a bunch of default avatars pretty much any service at all that has them lets you change them. While I don’t necessarily feel the need to change mine (I wanted to so the header would look less faded), I always assumed I’d be able to, even when I couldn’t find the option! So I’d definitely suggest either the ability to change them, or just not have them altogether.

If profiles do go public, though, then I think customization becomes a must (along with the option to make your profile private - since they’ve been private until now some people could be bothered by them suddenly going public. It might even need to be an opt-in sort of thing for existing accounts, rather than an opt-out).

I’d like to +1 this, I think being able to think about why you got something wrong is pretty valuable.

While on the topic of making mistakes and trying again until it’s correct: I didn’t know it was possible to go back and try again until a solid month or so after I started using the site, and sometimes I accidentally hit enter twice and end up with an answer marked as wrong when I actually knew what it was (but typo’d, or something.)

If the intended behavior is to let people keep trying and/or thinking about it, then maybe instead of marking answers as wrong right off the bat, everything should behave the way it does when you come close to the correct answer (you get a hint and can try again). That way, people have to deliberately mark an answer as “I don’t know”, instead of deliberately choose to try again when they get the wrong answer. There can’t be hints for everything, of course, but you could just display the hints when people came close enough to the answer, as it is now, and just have a message saying it’s wrong when there’s no hint available?

And if this isn’t the intended behavior - that does seem to be how a lot of people use the site (myself included), so maybe an option to toggle this behavior would be nice. I know I would personally prefer to just keep thinking and trying until I get it right and only get marked as wrong on things I really don’t know.

The main reason for this is because we get locked out of repeating the quiz (for an amount of time) and advancing our progress and trigger a ghost review when something’s marked as wrong (I like ghost reviews, I wouldn’t want to turn them off altogether.) So for instance, I have a few ongoing ghost reviews for things I do know, but accidentally hit double enter on a typo.

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+1 as well. Maybe we could have a global setting to deactivate the feature if adding a button on the review page is too much of a hassle?

Especially when doing reviews on the phone because Bunpro (and Kitsun) seems to not like my keyboard (or the other way around) and typing events can be triggered too many times turning かえした into かえしたいたあ or things like that u_u’ (I use AnySoftKeyboard with FF on Android if someone wants to try and fix that but I don’t know how to reproduce this on purpose)

Switching on and off the error highlightings would be great for all the reasons have already said. I also experience the bug with the different right answers being stuck at some point when pressing “a”.

Nevertheless, thank you for these great improvements, that make the experience better and better with each update.

I am someone who uses the SRS with a different style where I always want to see the correct answer immediately. If I am so wrong that I don’t hit a hint or I can’t remember I just want to see the answer and come back to it later.

If there was an option maybe it could make the answer not show up after fail or always show up after fail of stead of this mixed situation we have going on now.

(and while we are on this subject I would love if I could scroll through all the correct answers when I get a question wrong)

Edit: another → answer


I think people should definitely be allowed to choose what level of leniency works best for them! Maybe have 3 settings:

Lenient - never fail unless the user manually marks an answer as incorrect
Balanced - what we currently have
Strict - always fail incorrect answers, but maintain the option to redo in case of typos and the like.

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For that to work, that might have to be blended with the Ghost settings (on, minimal, off), since the fails trigger the ghosts.

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I don’t think the current problem is the lack of different leniency levels. I think several users, including me, just prefer the correct answer not to be automatically revealed on any wrong answer.


Thanks for including kanji in the answers, this helps alot. However, I’m not a fan of Bunpro throwing answers at me when I have part of the answer or are only one/two characters off.

I understand that some people may want this, but please put in an on/off button for this feature in the account settings. I didn’t come here to be spoon feed grammar during reviews, I need to get it perfect on my own. Thank you!


Update September 13th:

All questions now have kanji answers!

Thanks @Fuga !


Love it, this is such a nice QOL update. You all rock!

is there a chance for colorblind compatibility? I can’t tell the red and green apart without asking for help currently. Light blue instead of green for “right” or something?


@rwmleach @mooire @sam @SteveB @Xyllicate @Lyrith @ko_pp @MZa @gyroninja @Haruka @FredKore @evadethebook Thanks everyone for the feedback. We will implement a global setting for whether or not you want the highlighting to happen or not. We probably won’t add a button to toggle it (at least for now, maybe in the future when we upgrade the auto highlighting to be even better)

@Lyrith Noted on the points you made about the avatar and profile. It is a relic of the first days of Bunpro when we didn’t have a need to for public profiles so we used gravatar (and also did other weird things xD)

@Haruka @MZa If you see the bug with the cycle again, could you dm me a screenshot of the console and any errors that are happening in there pleae? That will help us pinpoint the issue.

@gyroninja Good idea on scrolling through correct answers!


:heart: Happy to hear it is helping your study!
Colorblind assistance is quite literally the next thing that will be live…:joy: ETA is end of the week.


That is awesome! Appreciate it