[Updated] Major Update - Grammar Page Changes

Welcome to the first of five major updates planned between now and the end of the year. There will be two more visual changes and two (major) content additions!

New Grammar Point Page





  • Details [NEW]

    • We have added/are in the process of adding more information to each grammar point. This information is minimally useful on it’s own, but will become much more so very soon. :smiley:
    Register Info
    • タメ語 - Casual language or grammar points that are fine to use in both daily speech, and in writing. You will see words that have a です or ます form in this category, and while they are technically 敬語, they are still perfectly normal in daily conversation.
    • 敬語 - Words that come from one of three categories. 丁寧語 (like です and ます), 尊敬語 (like に~なる and なさる), and 謙譲語 (like お~する and いたす). Many of these words are used in daily speech, but have special usage rules that you will need to pay attention to.
    • 文語 - These words/grammar points may sound a little bit strange if you use them in daily conversation. They are mostly used in books, literature, or may be quite old. They can be used in speech occasionally, but more natural equivalents exist.
  • Notes

    • Notes now expand indefinitely allowing you to see all of the information you have saved.
  • Progress Info

    • Previously part of the Opt-in Beta, everyone now has more info and stats about their progress on any given grammar point.
  • Example Sentences

    • Beyond a visual update, there is now a single audio player and the active sentence is highlighted in blue. You can use the audio player play button to play the first sentence by default or the play button on the example itself to play the audio.
  • Listening Mode [NEW]

    • This changes the way example sentences are displayed, hiding the Japanese as well as the English. This will enable you to listen to the sentence without spoilers.

    • Listening mode settings are located under Settings > General > Content Display

  • Self Study

    • Self study sentences now show up below the other example sentences. New custom sentences can be added with the “Add Custom Sentence” button.
  • Resources

    • Added the ability to “Mark All Read”

These changes apply to the grammar point page as well as the new grammar point study route.

As always, thank you for all of your feedback and suggestions. We take them to heart and will continue to do our best to make Bunpro your most reliable partner in your Japanese learning journey.

Nov 17th Update

Update: 11/17

First of all, thank you to everyone who gave feedback here, through the onsite feedback and via email. We really appreciate hearing not only the positive feedback about the changes but also the criticism and suggestions as well.

This was the first big visual change we have made in a long time and while the old layout worked as it was. It was, in essence, new stuff added on top of other new stuff over the years without much though given to the inevitable roadblock we would run into at some point in the future.

In exploring how we would add our own official Bunpro writeups to each grammar point (something we will be releasing very soon) we found there wasn’t really a great place to put them. A new tab wasn’t a good solution, and just putting them somewhere on the main meaning tab also didn’t work well with the old layout. So, we decided to redesign the whole page with an emphasis on keeping not only the writeups, but also all of the future information and features we have lined up in mind.

On top of the size and scale of the change, it was also the first big project as a new and expanded team. Needless to say we are still ironing things out on our end. At the end of the day, even though the update didn’t off go anywhere as smoothly as we would have hoped, we are using it as an opportunity to learn and improve, not just how we work together, but also how we go about making big but ultimately necessary changes going forward.

So of those changes are, but not limited to:

  • Putting big changes and features, especially those that change how you use Bunpro into the Opt-in Beta before releasing so they can be toggled off in the event they are less than stellar *cough* show grammar popout in reviews *cough* Sorry :bowing_man:
  • Exploring implementing a feature freeze window (thanks @monkeytunes for the suggestion) where we don’t push any breaking changes or features before things like the summer/winter JLPT
  • Improving our overall QA testing process before release.
  • Avoiding large changes all at once, by breaking them down into smaller releases.
    We apologize for bungling the update and appreciate the feedback you gave to point us in the right direction. As always, we will continue to do our best to add to and improve upon Bunpro.


  • Section arrows are back up on the Grammar Header.
  • Slimmed down the navigation tabs - This is one of the many fixes applied to reduce total vertical scroll.
  • Changed from “Meaning” to “Details” - The meaning is now in the header
  • Section titles have less priority - With lower visual priority, the actual information stands out more now.
  • Made examples show as a single column list - If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  • Changed from a cycle toggle for showing/hiding Japanese and English to a button for each
  • Added global “Show/Hide” for All, Japanese and English
  • Changed resources section’s design to be less vertical - Changed the overall design per-resource so that it wouldn’t take up so much space.
  • Bug fixes for audio playback
  • Bug fixes for content display html errors
  • Optimizations for slow loading pages.

Old Grammar Page
Just For posterity
Seriously, you probably don't want to see it
Abandon hope all ye who enter here
Last chance, it can't be unseen
Grammar Page





Looks great! Just a quick question about this part :

Is it supposed to play through all the sentences, or am I misunderstanding? If it’s supposed to play through them all, it only plays the first sentence for me before stopping. Both on Firefox and Chrome. If I just misunderstood I apologise :bowing_man: (Though then I’d suggest this feature, because I think it would pair well with the new listening mode!)

Anyways, looking forward to the other four updates!!!

Edit : Another quick suggestion would be a possible toggle between listening mode and normal. I like listeningmode, but you need to press each sentence separately to reveal the Japanese (and possibly for English if you need it). A toggle for “show all sentences” in listening mode would be great, you’d be able to listen through 'em all once and then read them through again to see if you got it all right.


This is beautiful!! The first thing I noticed stepping on the main page is that fonts are amazing, they are so much prettier wow.


When pressing F (show grammar) during review, I think I prefer the old one more - it was faster and the sudden dim now quite bothers me. Or maybe I’m just not used to it yet


It’s currently not supposed to play through all, but this is something that we can change if users will find it useful.
And thanks for the suggestion for the toggle all button.
We’ll gather all this feedback and start making changes to keep improving the new page.


i miss seeing my notes during review mode after pressing F for more infos.
also pressing F again should close the window like it was before.

edit: great job with the listening mode btw. this is really a major upgrade to learning efficiency. <3


There are some grammar points, e.g. 次第で, も構わず, ことだから, that return an internal error. I’m guessing you’re working your way up from N5 to N1 but just wanted to let you know.


All grammar points should already be working so we’ll look into this straight away, thanks for letting us know


Changes look nice, but a few things:

  • There are plenty of grammar points with internal errors (Error 500). For example:

  • I find some of the fonts/buttons to be too small. Maybe I just need to get used to it? And some of them don’t increase with your font size in settings, like for example the dropdown:


  • There’s a bug with the visualization of the play button on the grammar points
    after you click it:

During playback:

After playback disappears:


@Megumin The issue with the error should be fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.


Great suggestion! We will see what we can do.

@Flavyouu Let us know if it grows on your or not.

@Erz +1 for F to close. Glad you are liking the listening mode. With the suggestions @mathijsdm made, I think it will be even better.

@Megumin We will look into the font size/button issues as well as the playback bug.


I agree, the new one is slow and small


+1 from me at least as someone who primarily uses desktop. My main gripe with it is that it covers up the sentence. I like being able to see information about the grammar point and the sentence at the same time. With this new change I can’t see the sentence anymore, nor my mistake.


I don’t mind changes, but I dislike things that move around and fade in/out. I find that really annoying. Less is more!


The page title is not being displayed on grammar points, so if you open a bunch of tabs with grammar points you just get confused. I’d suggest display the grammar point, or at least the Lesson Number.

The dashboard looks awkward with so much empty space below the Review Activity, either increase the size of the Review forecast, or the Review Activity graph to cover the empty space:

And I know I’m nitpicking here, but the button sizes are not the same:

I found out partially the problem with some fonts looking inconsistent

Those fonts are not specified in REM units, and they are outside the CSS and the style is defined in px fixed in the html.

<div style=" font-size: 13px; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 14px;font-weight:bold ">Recent Badges</div>

It might be my setttings? but the new fonts don’t look okay, specially the furigana doesn’t look smooth for some reason, before the update they were fine.




I’m not a fan of how big the resources page has become. It was nice when everything could fit without scrolling. For example the まい page.


Hey guys, no trying to be annoying here, but I had been using bunpro everyday for about two months, doing 100+ reviews a day on average, after trying to go through some reviews with the new update, the fonts looking weird and uneven, plus the new way of displaying the grammar info represent a big hinder and are slowing me to the point of not wanting to do reviews anymore :broken_heart:


I agree that the old method was preferred, covering your answer to compare is not good design imho. I could see this, if I were to highlight another grammar point other than the one that is being reviewed, but not for the one being answered.


I agree with the above complaints about the new “Show Grammar Info” button on the Review cards. I don’t like how the information opens in a modal and darkens the screen, covering the sentence that you were answering.

But I think the worst part is that you need to click “View Grammar Point” to navigate to a new page to see the other example sentences instead of having all of it displayed on the same screen like before. This new flow makes it feel much slower and cumbersome to study. Before you could just look things up quickly and efficiently while reviewing because it was all in one place.