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I decided to try and improve on my previous script by adding several more search options. The script now has options to instantly search the currently viewed grammar point. The five options are:

These links are shown at the bottom of the page for each grammar point.

Like my previous script, itโ€™s a bit hacky but should work fine. I am very open to suggestions for additional resources, of course it should be easy to add more resources manually.

Customising Bunpro Toolbox

This script is very simple to customise, you can add, edit, remove or re-order links.

If you are unfamiliar with Javascript, it is recommended that you only edit between the following lines:


Links are added using the AddLink() function. The funtion has three parameters, a link name, prefix (main URL) and a suffix which is optional. The currently viewed grammar point will be placed between the prefix and suffix of the link.

AddLink("Wikitionary", "","#Japanese");

Links will be ordered in the order in which they are declared in the script.

WARNING: Customisation of links maybe be removed by updates, so you may want to backup your links before updating or disabling auto updates for this script.

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I might add this just for ่‹ฑ่พž้ƒŽ (Eijirou) alone! That site helps me so much with glossing to and from Japanese phrases/collocations


Yes, I wish more people knew about Eijirou, it really can be quite helpful.

I have updated the script to make it simpler to customise. If anyone has suggestions for links please let me know.