Verb[て] + B (Means・Manner) - Grammar Discussion

by means of
~ing with


  • Verb[ ] + Means/manner
  • Noun[ ] + Means/manner

[The て-form can be used to express means and manner - action (verb[て]) that is used to achieve a certain result B]

[This is a generalization of ]

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I don’t really understand the header for this grammar point.
I think I have at least a basic working knowledge of て and how it normally works but…I’m really not getting what the header means. And by header I mean

Means/manner + て-form ・で
and also
Verb[て] + B (Means・Manner)

I’m just really not picking up on what you guys are trying to say with the header

It’s just the structure of the grammar from left to right. E.g.

Means/Manner て-form B (the main action)
フライパンを使う 使う → 使って 料理をします
use a frying pan use → using a frying pan I am making a meal
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OH okay thanks that’s way more clear