WaniKani Furigana with API V2

I’m wondering, soon WaniKani will be retiring their version 1 API for their upgraded API Version 2. Given that Bunpro uses the API V1 key, will we have to wait until for compatibility with V2 or is it being worked on already?
I absolutely love the furigana integration, it’s amazing for both memorizing and discovering new kanji and vocab, so it would be sad to go without it :frowning:


@PosturelessHobo Thank you for your inquiry! We are working on integrating V2 into Bunpro and will have it ready before the WaniKani team sunsets V1. Cheers!


Apparently WaniKani already discontinued the Version 1…I tried to use the Version 1 and it didn’t work…

Just would like to double check if Bunpro already fixed this to use the version 2 of Wanikani API.

Tks a lot!

Strange. I am using a V1 API key and it works fine. Did you set the furigana to ‘wanikani’ in your settings? It won’t work unless you do this.

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uhmmm…I tried again, let’s see…thanks for the quick answer !!!

It’s working now !!! Thank you so much !!!